Reflective Decals – Advertising

Reflective Decals - Advertising

Reflective Decals are beneficial in many ways. Most of the companies, be it private or public (government), recognize the value of these decals in keeping their safety, as well as their employees, within their corresponding zones. So, how do these decals benefit us? Let us take a look at what they are first.

What are reflective decals? There are numerable uses for such things…other main reasons in acquiring reflective decals, or reflective stickers, are emergency vehicles, like police and fire department transportation vehicles, as well as emergency stickers in buildings which guide to a fire extinguisher or an escape exit track, to enumerate a couple.

In the previous 20 years, some uses our clients have utilized them for have been to place on the helmets of a US Navy Helicopter pilot squadron, as accessory stickers on bicycles, and as graphics on commercial cars.

Other enterprises have procured reflective decals just as solitary promotional stickers – not like any other aged bumper or window sticker, but one that gets into you immediately when your headlights hit it.

Ia€™ve also produced full color digital pictures reflective decals for estate agents who wanted their signs to “pop” the moment you drive by them at night.

There are so many grades and producers of reflective vinyl. The USDOT (or United States Department of Transportation) demands at least a “prismatic” grade, and a “diamond grade” for school zones, or danger areas. Engineer grade is the smallest reflective grade and it is what we widely use for most private clients who are wanting helmet decals, or real estate signs, since we can print it on a digital printer. Diamond, or Prismatic, grades have to be screen-printed or decorated with EC film, a translucent film that is about 8 different basic colors.

Most signs that you can see on the streets, or interstate freeways or around town, are constructed with a sheet of aluminum which has a reflective decal glued to it and then printed. But, if you are not under USDOT jurisdiction, you can manufacture reflective signs like this using Engineer grade reflective decal material and it’s a lot economical.

Some uses that we’ve had clients use reflective stickers for?
a€? Boats
a€? Hardhats & Helmets
a€? Equipment/Machinery
a€? Police Vehicles
a€? Emergency Markers
a€? Homeowners Associations
a€? Commercial Vehicles

These are just some of the samples. There are more uses of such decals one can imagine. If you get the idea of its purpose, you would probably know how to use them.

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