The Unknown of the China EMU Rear-End Accident – Society

The Unknown of the China EMU Rear-End Accident - Society

25-year-old Wang Hairu Heze how people would not think of her cell phone out of the train shooting D3115 scene inside after less than five minutes, the train she was riding rear-end of D301 times.

Survived, she sat on the bed playing with the phone records to the scene: bright inside, almost filled with passengers, this short tens of seconds of video, is likely to rear-end before the accident, only a car video recording.

Weidong Wang Hairu and her husband sat D3115 15 train cars of the third last row of the right, 20:30, took place without any sign of the accident: she felt as the earthquake hit, the body could not stop to down, I feel like the car fell into the following.

At the same time, in Section II D301 train troops inside civilian officers Sun Shuqin, was lying by the transformation of the hard seat sleeper box capped with reading, she felt a sudden dramatic train rolling, followed by violent shaking of her body, Fortunately, she capped tightly grasped the railing, not be thrown off upper berth.

In the accident, D301 train’s front two in the rear-end moment is from the railway arch, head lifted high, then down Jizhui, from 20 meters altitude, falling under the elevated railway rolling into the mud on the ground.

The D3115 train rear two, D301 second front was crushed, Wang Hairu survived after the recall, D3115 second last carriage has not been compressed one-third of the original volume, after the penultimate section of half of the roof was collapsed borne close to the seat in a train along.

Fortunately, Wang Hairu and her husband the right side of the train window seat was a huge impact shattered, making the couple a few minutes after the incident, climbed out from the broken window; Sun Shuqin the virtue of self knowledge, In the fall of the hard survive inside dozens of minutes, was eventually rescued.

Drivers Cry

Rear-end about an hour after the accident, Wei-Dong Cao and Wang Hairu, the crew tips, see the D3115 train driver. That time, he is called to report to the leadership situation.

Wang Hairu recalled, the driver was slumped D3115 second rear side near the railway embankment, she asks: “We are behind such a serious crash, you do not know?” A: “I do not know something was wrong.”

This dialogue has been D3115 another passenger train, Ruian Literary Federation Secretary Powell never confirmed. At that time, Powell never gave the driver handed a cigarette, July 25 In an interview with CCTV, telephone interview, Powell never said the driver told him: “Now I can tell you, really people (D301 train) rear-end , not my thing. ”

Wang Hairu said, was indeed a passenger to the driver a cigarette. Flaccid paralysis on one side to see the driver, Wang Hairu heart sympathy, not to ask, but then she heard the driver repeatedly muttering such words: “my life will no longer drive, I had no responsibility when I said to the past, it should go, but he insisted I stop. “face pressed by reporters, Wang Hairu insisted that memory is not wrong,” the driver on my side, I will get a mistake? ”
Driver in the mouth “to the past” mean? Ordered to stop the “he” who is? This sentence could become the motor car rear-end crack clues to the cause of the accident.

Shanghai Tongji Urban Rail and Railway Engineering, Chapter this analysis, Professor Sun said, “If the thunder and lightning before the incident did not affect train power supply, then the D3115 power train can continue to travel there, the driver calls’ to in the past ‘can be used for this explanation. ”

Driver alleged that “he”, Sun chapter analysis, “he” is probably the schedule, “the powers that others do not allow drivers to stop, only scheduling command.”

Scheduling mistake?

Rear-end before the accident, two train stops to the last station is within Wenzhou Yongjia station. The station of station personnel, who declined to be named to the Southern Weekly (microblogging), told reporters, D3115 train in the parking within the two-Ao Village, “is definitely because of the scheduling order.”

If the scheduling order for D3115 second stop, said rear-end before the accident, Yongjia station and nearby stations, is likely to have entered a “very station control” – this time, the train from the system control, manual control of the station into the traditional model. This marks the command of the train moving instructions from the computer to automatically generate orders manually.

This also explains why D3115 train at around 20:15 the same day, more than 20 minutes late from Yongjia Station, the train started moving very slowly, because once the train station control mode in a very moving, the train station can be notice shall be visually moving train, this time, the train’s speed should be for 20 km / h or so speeds.

Wei-Dong Cao and Wang Hairu couple sitting directly behind the D3115 train passengers Lv Demin, confirmed to reporters from Yongjia stand out, the train went through from the start, slow traffic, speed up traffic, and finally to slow down traffic in the process, “the car from Yongjia Station very slow start, I feel very strange, slow to open two or three minutes later to accelerate quickly up, and then to compare the fast and open two or three minutes, the train began to slow, the deceleration process lasted over a minute around this time has been very slow speed, no waiting for the bus to stop completely when the accident occurred. ”

According to the railway industry, said if the station and Wenzhou Yongjia South Station, it has been implemented very station control, between the two stations will form a complete occlusion interval. The so-called block section, refers to the rail on a logical partition on the block, a block section with only exist within a train, in order to ensure the train does not rear-end accident.

The control station in the implementation of very premise, D3115 train station and Wenzhou Yongjia road in between South Station, D301 train will not be allowed to stand out from Yongjia, because it violates the same block section shall not exist two and above number of the principles of the train.

Why D301 train station will get instruction in Yongjia start? Analysis of the industry, the start command is only possible from the train dispatcher, so, resulting in the same block section appeared in two trains is likely that the error command dispatcher.

In rear-end accident, were immediately transferred to the Shanghai Railway location On Road Health Secretary, attended the July 25 meeting of the global television and telephone conference, and made a speech. The evening of July 26, suspected the full text of the railway in the domestic forum of a professional, according to Reporters multi know that the forum appear content, road safety is very likely that the original speech students.

During this speech, said, “is by the CTC to station control section, the duty must be approved by the director of scheduling permitted, to confirm the station stare control personnel for duty only after the conversion,” the industry this interpretation is that the speech emphasized the conversion process very station control, suggesting that 7.23 rear-end before the accident, Yongjia, etc. into the very station control station, a serious breach of process conditions. In addition, the article also stressed that “direct road traffic department should not blindly”, which also suggests rear-end before the accident, there is the possibility of scheduling the blind directing traffic.

According to a ride in the third quarter D301 train compartment 56 of the Shandong Province, said passengers, the train station from Yongjia out, he saw from the car on the electronic display, the train speed is 170 km / h or so, and has been maintain a rapid rate, until the former rear-end, no half-way stop.

Tongji Institute of Urban Mass Transit Railway and the Professor, the train brake expert Yin-sun in the summer to accept Southern Weekly reporter, said, according to the Ministry of Railways technology management procedures, speed of 160 km of the train braking distance required shall not be longer than 1,400 meters, this , the train can take up to 62 seconds or so to complete the brake.

Xia also said that even if the drivers to take emergency brake, the brake can not brake too hard. Because once the deceleration exceeds the standards, passenger seats have been thrown off the risk of inertia, even resulting in casualties.

According to media reports, D301 D3115 train hit the train at the moment when the speed exceeds 100 km / h, indicating that the D301 train drivers according to the specified implementation of the emergency braking distance of the train braking, it is possible until the head of train drivers as the front appeared abnormal, it pulled the emergency brake, causing the train stop has not been successful before, they run out remaining short braking distance, the final rear-end the vehicle in front.

Shuang’aocun shoe utmost peak, is located in a straight line from the elevated sections of the incident, less than 200 meters, the factory floor, a total of four office and production in the vicinity of the first height. The plant employees Ruan long night before the incident is the fourth floor roof inspection roof is leaking at this time he witnessed the two moving cars rear-end the whole process

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