Smartphone, Android and iPhone Credit Card ProcessingTerminals. – Awards

Smartphone, Android and iPhone Credit Card ProcessingTerminals. - Awards

Technology has finally caught up to electronic payments. Everyone uses credit cards because it’s just easier, and safer. Let’s say you get mugged – all you have to do is cancel your credit card. However, if you had cash in your pocket, or even if you just lost it outside in the woods, you’re completely out of luck… unless your neighbor’s doorway is covered in red and yellow curtains and always has a faint smell of something burning emenating out from under her doorway and you’re awakened each night to her mystical chants and the faint sound of jingling crystals and stone bracelets. If that sounds like you, then you might have a chance of getting your money back – for a fee or course.But anyways…as bank card became more and more popular, even the little “mom and pop” stores were pretty much forced to accept them, despite all the equipment cost and merchant fees. World wide, credit cards can be used to make fast and secure international transactions, large and small.When we see all those infomercials on TV late at night they always take and debit cards..all of them ! They even take online checks and make it very fast and easy for you to buy from them. As technology advances accepting all forms of payments is getting much easier. Nowadays, most cell phone users are actually carrying extremely powerful, versatile, small computers. The iPhone is the most popular phone on the market, for those who can afford it. It is powerful enough to visit websites and make payments online, all in real-time! All you’ve got to do is enter your info and your iPhone will save it. It’s the perfect solution for mobile credit card processing. Think about the possibilities this has, both from a customer’s perspective and a Retailer! Using your iPhone for processsing is just as effective as a bulky terminal, and it doesn’t have extra fees or other charges.The next time you walk into a convenience store look around and you’ll notice all the equipment surrounding the cashier; monitors, keypads, digital touchscreens, card readers, the list goes on. And it’s all there because of credit cards. Without credit cards, ipad portable power bankthat convenience store wouldn’t need anything but a wooden drawer for cash and a nice big safe to put it in at closing time. Now that everyone’s using credit cards, a processing terminal is required to run a business. and it costs a fortune to install one of these terminals.

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