All About Extending IPhone 4 Battery Life – Awards

All About Extending IPhone 4 Battery Life - Awards

Despite the fact that iPhone 4 has not so strong battery and if all the available features are used simultaneously the chances that users may run out of battery life soon. However, with certain tricks and practical methods iPhone 4 users can enhance the battery life by a remarkable time. The first step towards saving battery is turning on Auto-Brightness. Apple iPhone 4 has feature wherein the ambient light sensor adjusts the brightness of the screen depending upon the light around the device. Users need to go setting and there is the option of Auto-Brightness.Similarly, reduction of brightness of screen works wonderfully in saving battery life of iPhone 4. In order to reduce screen brightness users need to go to settings and there is the option of brightness.
More brightness means more therefore, reduction the battery brightness to the comfortable level is apt. There are times when users are in the zone where there are no 3G services. When users are aware of the fact that there is no 3G service available in certain region, it is better to put 3G services off. As 3G requires more battery life, putting it off when there is no service or user does not need it serves the purpose of saving of iPhone battery. In order to off 3G service users need to go to Settings, than to General and then to Network.When Bluetooth is one it consumes lots of battery of an iPhone 4, therefore, Bluetooth wireless networking should be put in off mode when not needed. To turn off Bluetooth users need to go to settings and then to General, then there is the option for putting it on or off. Similarly, keeping off Wi-Fi works wonderfully in terms of saving some battery life of an iPhone 4. When users know that there is no Wi-Fi service in region or there is no need of it, putting it in off mode can be a handy tool. In order to put Wi-Fi users need to go to Settings and then to Wi-Fi and choose the option Off. When all the above methods are applied and still there is a need for extra battery, buying an iPhone Battery Extender is the best option. There are number of manufacturers in the market which supply iPhone battery extenders, external batteries, etc. New Trent manufactures a series of iPhone battery extenders which can be used to power iPhone and elongate the awful battery life. One such best iPhone battery extender is New Trent IMP500.There are multiple benefits of using New Trent IMP500 iPhone battery extender as it can extend the life of an iPhone battery wherein a user can enjoy 38 hours of movie time. Similarly, an iPhone user can use it to power other Apple devices such as iPods, iPads, etc. New Trent is a leading manufacturer and supplier of iPhone battery extenders, iPhone cases, and iPhone battery juices which can either be bought online or from various retail showrooms. Angry Birds External Battery

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