Louis Vuitton February 12th 1821 was born in a small village in France – Shopping – Fashion Style

Louis Vuitton February 12th 1821 was born in a small village in France - Shopping - Fashion Style

Louis Vuitton February 12th 1821 was born in a small village in France, his father is near the forest loggers, poor family. Parents had no money to buy him toys, plane and chisel along with his childhood, he grew up on a keen interest in carpentry. 14 years old he went to Paris to one person alone, more than 400 km walk, walk for several days. His dream is to make money at that time had a good life, so Zaikuzailei afraid. After he arrived in Paris, devoting a lot of twists and turns, and finally a well-known woodworking hand in the workshop found a job. Work is filled with beech and poplar production of milk with the barrel. At the time, Second Empire, a grand ball swept the whole of Paris, often distinguished from other provinces flocking to buy this many Kuotaitai cask skirts and petticoats. At that time people need to find clothes when traveling convenient tool — Louis Vuitton bags have come into being.
Autumn and winter, the newest Miss Han Ban bags, soft leather, elegant design, so you feel worn out pair is a beautiful scenery! This section package PU leather material, meticulous workmanship, materials research, is the ideal choice for your out! / And a lovely female intellectual personality is a stereotyped package that hard bags bag into shape this year, oh love the new darling of the family package, crisp Baoshen, chic and elegant shape of money, a row of decorative metal rings exaggerated , like a big calendar, so called it calendar package, so how can you not let the bag put it down it every MM! This unique shape bags, you have the right, still hesitating.
By Louis Vuitton Monagram series of classic elegance a㤠Check the Damier checkerboard, with the Damier canvas top material from the original master of the French Louis Vuitton hand-made, each have a joint representative to the car line at the century-old classic board Check serious in the office coordinating the taste perception, a symbol of their unique abilities and succinct vision. Olav MM Damier canvas with water resistant body, with two very useful before and after the double zipper pocket, and opening and closing design, spacious interior space Founder, data files placed just right, emphasizing the function of admission. Famous in the classic, must have!Tassel latest Korean pop, the necessary funds to go out, into the three-color, multi-use, can be a single shoulder, diagonal back strap across the back way of their choice, anywhere!
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