American Steroid Laws – Health

American Steroid Laws - Health

Many people use steroids in order to put on more muscle mass. For professional athletes this of course gives them and edge over their competitors. Building muscle mass to maximize your performance or even to just get a great looking beach body isn’t a bad thing, but it is best to use natural methods including a healthy nutritious diet, and high intensity workouts. While natural is better it is also takes a lot of time. That is why people use steroids.
Not everyone knows that just being in possession of steroids is illegal in the United States. Yes, you can end up serving time in prison if you get caught. The United States has some of the most stringent laws when it comes to anabolic steroids, possession, and distribution. So make sure you know your steroid laws if you plan on going to the United States of America.
In America anabolic steroid law is governed by the Controlled Substances Act of 1991. Now Controlled Substances Act has further been subdivided into 5 schedules. There are different types of drugs, laws, and penalties for each schedule. Steroids are considered a schedule III drug. Schedule III drugs are considered to be less likely to be abuse, and are used as a medicine. Moreover, the drugs under this category have also comparatively less physical or psychological
reliance than those falling under schedule I and schedule II.
In the U.S.A production, and/or distribution of steroids can get you fines, or a jail sentence. However before we move ahead, it is inevitable to define the steroids which are illegal to produce or distribute in the US as they have been explained in one of the amendments in the Controlled substances Act in 2004. According to the amendment in the act an Anabolic Steroid is any kind of drug, or hormone that is chemically and pharmacologically similar to testosterone. Progestin, estrogen, and corticosteroids are excluded from this definition.
So what are the chances you could end up with a jail sentence? The bad news is that you could get a sentence of 1 year in jail, even if you are a first time offender. As with most laws if you have a good lawyer, and enough money, you could be lucky enough to get away with a large fine. If you are selling steroids the penalties are even more extreme. You could be looking at a ten year jail term for distribution. Of course if this isn’t your first brush with the law the jail sentence could even be worst. Steroid laws vary from country to country, so make sure you read up on the local laws before your travel, or else suffer the consequences.

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