About: Body Armor – Other

About: Body Armor  - Other

Body armor is very useful to people who work in the enforcement department of governments or those are constantly in a hostile environment and frequently faced with emergencies and dangerous situations. Body armor has its origin from the times of knights and kings. It was used as a protection by soldiers during wars and battles.

Body armor can be of various types. The two main types include overt armor and covert armor. Though they are equally reliable when it comes to serving the purpose, the covert armor is more in demand due to obvious reasons. They are discreet and can be worn below the clothing. They are usually thinner when compared to the overt armor. The over armor often results in escalating the problem by getting the opponent agitated. However, overt armor is also useful and is apt in situations where you do not have to wear it for a long period of time. Police and army personnel usually tend to use the overt form.

Apart from the use of such armor in war and in other hostile environment for protection against persons who are aggressive and violent, such armor is also used by workers when working in factories or such places where there is risk of personal injury. There are several instances when body armor comes in use. When visiting geographical areas which are known to be violent, as a protection against muggers and drug dealers, when dealing with high risk individuals, when trying to evict trespassers from your property, etc.

The modern day body armor includes bullet proof vests and jackets. It protects you from any injury that can be caused from guns, handguns, pistols, etc. With new and advanced technology, such vests have not only become more reliable but are also comfortable to wear and durable. Such vests are flexible and can be easily washed.

Body armor may not be available off the shelf. However, there are several distributors who supply it. They come in all sizes and are of various styles. Some of the vests that are used by the army personnel have hidden pockets which can be used to conceal weapons or other artillery for protection. Body amours are designed based on the need. Some are used to protect only the upper body, some give protection only to the chest, some are designed to protect against gun fire while some are for protection against knives and other sharp weapons. You need to choose your body armor based on your requirement.

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