Benefits of Natural Makeup Base and Products during the Summer – Health

Benefits of Natural Makeup Base and Products during the Summer - Health

Everyone loves the summer. In fact, many of us are yearning for it the whole year, due to the warmth, the numerous tanning opportunities, the parties, the beaches, the summer clothes and the other attractive aspects of this season.However, in spite of how much one might love summer, it can have a pretty harmful side-effect. For instance, the skin is one of the most prominent parts of the body where the negative effects will show first. The sun rays, which include ultraviolet rays which most certainly everyone has heard about, have the potential to cause wrinkles, red or dark spots, sun burns and permanent damage altogether. Those who care about their looks and want to preserve them for as long as possible understand that they need to invest their money and resources in the best quality skin care products.

It is a widely known fact that a makeup base is essential for everyone wearing makeup, regardless of the season. Not only will it prevent the skin from getting older and developing wrinkles, but it will also make the makeup last longer, so using one is surely a win-win situation. A mineral makeup base is the best as it helps you stay away from harmful ingredients such as parabens, which are known to be related to cancer. A great hydrating cream with anti-oxidants such as those from the Goji or Acai is an amazing substitute for the makeup base, but people opting for this substitution should be very careful, since they can prove to be too much for the individuals with a naturally greasy skin.

The complete range of cosmetic products that should be used during the summer includes hydrating body skin creams and face skin creams, aluminum free deodorants, lip balms, hydrating hair sprays and even thermal water, since the lips and the hair are often neglected and, therefore, they become dried and unaesthetic.

Keep in mind that whichever care product you use during the summer, it definitely needs to present solar protection factor, also known as SPF, even though it already contains Goji extracts and antioxidants or Hyaluronic acid. A SPF of 30 is recommended for everybody, especially if they have light skin, but the most qualitative skin creams will feature SPF 50. This is because in addition to helping your skin look younger and healthier for as long as possible, it will also reduce the risk for skin cancer, as the cases reported are becoming increasingly numerous each year.

After coming home from a day in the sun, you should apply a hydrating cream designed especially for after sun exposure. Additionally, your skin will need protection during the night as well. A hyaluronic acid cream is best for anti-wrinkle action, since the respective acid is found in the skin layers naturally too and it will aid the skin cells to regenerate and give your skin a glowing, healthy aspect.

All in all, keep in mind to stick to products made from as many plant extracts and with as few parabens, phenyls and paraffins as possible. Even though they might cost a bit more than the regular ones, it is sure to say that you cannot put a price on your skina€™s health and looks, so buying them will surely prove to be a wise investment.

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