Vitamin C and Gout a€“ interconnection – Health – Alternative Medicine

Vitamin C and Gout a€“ interconnection - Health - Alternative Medicine

Vitamin C and Gout are interconnected and you must be aware that this connection is beneficial to humans because Vitamin C is one of the main factors that lower acid level in the body. But this decrease is not equivalent to what made by medication. You can say that vitamins and drugs work in co-ordination to lower the amount of acid. One works by lowering the amount of production and one increases the excretion of acid through urine. Vitamin C helps in excretory and it is said that excretion is more important than lowering its production.

According to past 30 years research, it has been concluded that Vitamin C reduces uric acid level but it depends upon the amount of Vitamin C taken. In this research 184 non-smokers were taken in 2005 and it was concluded that to achieve 500 mg uric acid in urine a large amount of vitamin C is required on daily basis. Vitamin C is used as a supplement and it was thought that 4000 mg dosage was quite enough but according to Dr. Atkins a dose of 5000 mg to 10000 mg was required as a remedy for gout- in his book “Dr. Atkins’ Vita Nutrient Solution”.

In the studies made in 2005, it was determined that 500 mg dosage of Vitamin C daily could decrease the these acid by 10% i.e., 0.5 mg/dl but it was found that it is good for a few patients but those whose these acid level is below 6.0 mg/dl may get gout crystals. But when it is combined with other Vitamins it may be useful.
Caution: It has also been found that rapid changes to these acid level in the body may trigger gout attack and that is why doctors give prophylactic medicines like Colchicines along with these acid lowering medicines in order to protect the patients against gout.

In 1970, it was found that the dosage of Vitamin C in between 4000 m to 8000 mg is referred as large these acid change dosage and that is why in 2005 Dr. Atkins came up with the same idea and patients were asked not to take great dosages of Vitamin C if they are susceptible to gout.

Vitamin C-remedy for Gout: Therefore, if a Vitamin C dosage of 500 mg daily can reduce the amount of uric acid than it also works as gout prevention. In a research made on males in 1990, gout and non- gout persons were taken and it was recorded that Vitamin C and Folic acid are preventive for gout. Folate food form is called Folic acid when in dietary form. It was also concluded that fiber is protective against gout and more over high blood pressure and hypertension are the factors that cause gout.

Dosage more than 1000 mg: 500 mg dosage of Vitamin C is below the maximum deadline given by the U.S, The British government and many other countries but if you wish to take 1000 mg you have to consult your doctor. Because heavy acid concentration in blood can cause kidney stones and many other problems therefore alkaline minerals are recommended buy doctors rather than taking heavy acidic food.

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