Disease Emphysema Disease From Smoking – Health – Diseases and Conditions

Disease Emphysema Disease From Smoking - Health - Diseases and Conditions

Already well known. Disease emphysema. Because a major cause of smoking. You know. emphysema. Well, not.

emphysema. The cause of death. No. 6 of the population worldwide. In 1990. And is No. 5 in 2001. The World Health Organization Estimates. The patients died. Of disease, emphysema, about 3 million people each year and is expected in the year 2030.

emphysema. Will move into the cause of death. The world’s number 4.

emphysema. Disease emphysema. (Pulmonary Emphysema) is a disease with obstructive conditions. And chronic bronchitis. Throughout the lungs, and two sides.

To have parasite occurs at smaller trachea and air sacs. By cause. Of the disease emphysema. Of smoking. Well. Continued a long time. The pollutants in cigarette smoke. Many promoters are irritating. Throat. Destroy the wall, the air bag.

Tissue, which anchors the trachea and air sac deteriorate. The lack of a small airway that can easily flatten. The obstruction of air through Trachea. Especially in the rhythm of breathing. Will have to remain in the air even more. Also known as “emphysema” and the wind remains in the air. Patients who can not breathe fully. Tired and breathless. The smoke irritates the throat in a long time. Bronchitis and will make the walls thicker. There are a lot more patient.

Disease emphysema. Is one of the symptoms. “Chronic obstructive airway disease,” which includes “chronic bronchitis”. And “lung disease, aneurysms” (Pulmonary Emphysema) together.

Because the two diseases caused by breathing toxic pollution. In the form of gas or dust. Such as cigarette smoke. And smoke from burning them, causing inflammation. And the destruction of the respiratory tract including the trachea and lungs as well. Moreover, most patients have symptoms of the two together. Difference may be a symptom of disease than patients with only a small one.

The cause of the disease

For the cause. 90 percent of emphysema from cigarette smoking. Only a minority of a congenital abnormality of the enzyme deficiency disease, emphysema. Those in this group are most vulnerable to smoking. People who smoke have a chance. Disease, emphysema and all are slow or fast. Depending on the duration of smoking. And volume of the body’s response to cigarette smoke, and genetics. Diseases such as asthma, allergies, or are already parents to this disease.


The disease is emphysema. Initially, the symptoms are very rare. A common symptom is chronic cough with phlegm was cold and tired, throat infections and bronchitis, often it is difficult to dyspnea. It is not enough oxygen because of wheezing, dyspnoea, bronchial stenosis, more Symptoms are more in line with the deterioration of the air sacs in the lungs.

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