Laucala: A Piece of Heaven on Earth – Travel

Laucala: A Piece of Heaven on Earth - Travel

City life means stress, fatigue, pressure and pollution. The fast paced lifestyle that goes with urbanization is very disappointing. It visibly shows on our countenance through the fine lines that we get from it. So, wouldn’t it be a nice if we can go to a serene and panoramic place for a while? Let’s go to a place where we can breathe fresh air, eat healthful foods and think of nothing else but relaxation. But sometimes we’re too confined to our work cubicles that we end up forgetting that life is more than just work. We have to play and relax more often. So why not consider a luxury holiday at Laucala?

Laucala is a 45-minute plane ride from Fiji’s Nadi International Airport. It is an unadulterated island free from the exploits of man. It’s home to lush tropical gardens where vegetables, herbs and fruit-bearing trees propagate. Laucala is more than just an island; it’s everyone’s ideal getaway paradise.

Laucala Private Island is one of the newest and hottest luxury holiday destinations. Purchased in 2003 by Dietrich Matesich, the island’s sugary white sands, crystal blue waters and luscious greens all complement the 25 villa that occupy the 12 square kilometer expanse of the island. All residences are canopied by thatched roofing. Interior design utilizes neutral tones and earth friendly materials that boost its overall natural appeal. Each residence has two bathrooms, indoor and outdoor. The amenities include the infinity pool, day spa, dining venues, bars, and an 18 holes golf course. A wide range of activities can be done here like fishing, scuba diving, boating, water-skiing, horseback riding, snorkeling and the list goes on. Initially, the owner has specifically aimed at developing this property into a private island and not a resort.

All the food and drinks served here are made from homegrown products. The island is an advocate of self-sufficiency and freedom. It raises its own livestock, as well as the fruits, herbs and vegetables which are basically organic. Expect that these foods are healthful and freshly picked.

At Laucala luxury holidays, you are not treated as a client but a guest in a private island paradise. So the next time you decide on having a luxury holiday, make Laucala your prime choice, if not, your only choice. The scenery that surrounds your villa will melt all your worries and stress away. The people are hospitable and warm. You’ll fell in love with healthy living. In a nutshell, you’ll get the best treat of your life.

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