Travel Writing: 6 Golden Rules – Travel – Travel Reviews

Travel Writing: 6 Golden Rules - Travel - Travel Reviews

Travel writing is like a piece of dark chocolate that melts into your mouth making you say: a€?Ah! Heavenlya€? The satisfying and blissful expression on your face vouches for the heaven you feel within. Travel writing is both expressing the heavenly experience you feel within and transmitting the same experience to your readers.

If you are looking for tips that can help you create travel writing that sets your readers in motion, read on.

1)Get the hook: When it comes to travel writing there is no unexplored lands to write about. Everyone has written something about every other place. The only way to entice your readers is to look at a particular destination with a brand new perspective and let it reflect in your writing. It is this special angle that is going to grab the attention of your target audience.

2)Bring out the small yet delightful details: Travel writing is more about bringing out the piquant details that lie cradled in the roads you travelled. You need to etch your travel experience in such a way that it should make a reader want to travel. Be sure to add useful details about accommodation options, places to visit and activities travellers can indulge in. If you get an opportunity to travel to the destination you are planning to write, maintaining a travel diary would be a great idea. If you are writing without visiting the destination, conduct a thorough online research, read travel writing magazines and diaries of other travel writers. This way you can make your writing more comprehensive.

3)Count your words: When writing, keep an eye on the word count. Readers are busy folks who do not have the time to read an epic. It is always better to write a 350-450 worded travel copy. If an article is over 600 words, you can break it into two. This way you can create a sense of urgency and make the reader want to read the second part.

4)Add a picture or video: Remember, a picture is worth a thousand stories. Adding a striking image or video is a great way to attract more readers.

5)Get someone else to read your travel writing: Once you’ve finished writing, it is a good idea to find someone else to read your copy. This way you can fix issues like readability and clarity, if there are any.

6)Stay away from clichA©s and metaphors: We all want our travel writing to sound refined, and poetic. However, using metaphors like jewel, gem or oasis or clichA©s like treasure trove or sensational are not the way to do it. When a writer used them first, they all looked fresh. Nowadays, every writer uses them to add a little style to the copy. But honestly, using too many clichA©s, metaphors and adjectives can only make your travel writing sound like advertising.

Keep these 6 golden rules in your mind and create a travel writing piece that will make people want to discover the joys of travelling.

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