The Beaches of Valencia – Travel – Vacation Rentals

The Beaches of Valencia - Travel - Vacation Rentals

La Devesa Beach

It is a nude beach in the area of La Bufera. It offers various services and is not crowded, because of its isolated location, but it isna€™t hard to get there by car. The beach is breathtaking with its blue waters, dunes and soft white sand.

LA?Ahuir Beach

This is another nudist beach. It is more than 1700 meters long, located near the sports harbor. It is easy to access the beach by foot. There are also various services, such as spa, footbridges and others, but it lacks catering places.

Levante / Malvarrosa Beach

Levante is an urban blue flag beach with very high occupation. It is wide and nearly 3 kilometers long. It has deep blue water and marvelous golden sand. You can easily get there from the centre of Valencia by foot.

Miramar Beach

This is a quite popular beach for locals and tourists, because it is near to the centre of Valencia. A good beach for lounging and sunbathing, but this wona€™t be the best place for you if you are looking for a chance to do some sports.

Norte de Gandia / Gandia Beach

It is a wonderful urban beach with a blue flag. It is nearly 3 kilometers long and 85 kilometers wide. It offers a wide range of services. There is also a diving area that cana€™t be found in most of the other beaches of Valencia. It is located right next to the sports port and a yacht club. In this beach anyone can find something to do. It is a great place for families with children and for people who love sports or just lounging and enjoying time.

Perellonet / El RecatA­ Beach

It is a gorgeous long beach, but it can be hard to access it, because some of the access places are private, so it isna€™t very busy. The easiest way to get there is going by foot. There isna€™t a wide range of opportunities, but there are footbridges and the nautical sports port.

Pineda Beach

Pineda is very busy golden sand beach. It has a wide range of services, such as yacht club, spa, footbridges, diving area and many others. This a good place for active and entertaining spending of your leisure time.

Rafalcaid Beach

Rafalcaid beach is not very popular and there hardly exists any services because of its location. However it is possible to get there by bus and it is definitely worth going there if you just want to spend your time more peacefully.

Saler Beach

Saler beach is about 6 kilometers long clean nudist beach, located near La Albufera, which is the second largest nature reserve in Spain. It is easy to get there and the beach offers its visitors a wide range of services.

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