Free Credit Score Check: Serving the Interest of the Borrowers – Finance – Loans

Free Credit Score Check: Serving the Interest of the Borrowers - Finance - Loans

Millions of people in United Kingdom are either unemployed or underemployed, and financial managers of the British economy have failed absolutely to rein the ever-escalating market price. This is a state where humans in larger numbers have been left with no other means but to borrow from different sources. As they do not earn enough for their sustenance, many of them are tagged with arrears, late payment, defaults, less payment, CCJs, IVAs, bankruptcies, foreclosures etc. The result is that they stain the credit report to such an extent that the lenders turn down their loan application. Here lies the importance of free credit score checking.

What an individual borrower can find in her/his credit report? Credit report contains details of her/his transactions. It contains name plus address of the borrower, amounts of loan borrowed, amounts repaid, record of late payment, less payment, defaults etc, name plus address of the lenders, house possessions, country court judgment etc. Free credit score checking enables one to go through the data contained in the credit report of the last six years.

Lending agencies collect the credit report of the loan-seekers from the financial bureaus (Equifax, Trans Union and Experian by name, for example). The lenders use the credit report to assess the financial condition of the loan applicants. They, in this way, can decide if they should advance loans to the respective borrowers. They can also prepare the terms and condition (reimbursement tenure, rates of interest etc) for the finance to be advanced.

Borrowers, on the other hand, can secure their credit report free of cost. They can secure the same by the strength of the existing law. They can find the same in the websites of the financial bureaus. It is possible to have an access to the documents with the help of the search engines on the internet. Free credit score checking facilities are available for 30 days.

They may find mistakes in the entries made by the staff of the financial bureaus the result of which has deprived them from getting finance normally. It is the task, then, for them to approach those bureaus for rectification of the mistakes. Mistakes may be made for wrong entries or for not taking any payment into account or for using onea€™s data in another persona€™s file or for many other reasons. Financial bureaus are legally bound to make corrections if those are properly pointed out. They must send the corrected documents to the particular lenders from whom the complainant has borrowed any loan amount at least within one year.

It may happen that the borrower would find that her/his credit report is free from errors. She/he would consider taking steps so that her/his credit report is improved making ways for them to secure finance after a period of six months or one year. Free credit score check serves the interest of the borrowers.

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