The apology of the big tits – Entertainment

The apology of the big tits - Entertainment

The Internet nowadays has empowered us with the possibility of searching and finding everything we want to see and need. It is however very easy to guess which kind of searches gets the highest number of results. Yes, is the porn content that everyone is looking for and that causes so much visual pleasure, especially for men. Sex is the number one world`s seller and people would pay a fortune to get some stimuli for satisfying their sexual needs. Moreover, if you can get it for free, is it excellent and the searching mania could be endless.

It is no longer a secret that men like to see big tits, strong boobs, but, are they so important in the porn industry? There are some who look precisely for tits when watching a porn movie, that`s why there are special categories for tits on porn websites. But, others think that big tits aren`t that important and they could watch any kind of movie without preferences. They even think that big tits tend to stay in their way and knowing how they really look like in reality, there is something about the big tits that they don`t feel attracted of. For example, Paris Hilton boobs are quite normal, a B cup maybe, and they still have lots of searching results on the Internet. In addition, if you type “Paris Hilton boobs” on any browser, you`ll get plenty of results, since she is famous for showing her boobs in different US clubs after getting a bit drunk. So, it is kind of a paradox that small tits can also raise interest, even though the porn movies having big tits actresses have the highest ratings.

It was empirical proven that men having a fetish for the breasts tend to find big tits more erotic and they are likely to watch big tits movies more often than other kinds of porn movies. From a female perspective, on the other hand, big tits mean bigger areolas around the nipples which induce a higher sensitivity in the tits. This eventually leads to a bigger pleasure and a quicker and stronger orgasm. However, you should know that 90% of the actresses having big tits have, in fact, breast implant. So, they have fake tits. Some man dislike the aspect of the fake tits, that`s why they like Paris Hilton boobs style, which are nasty, but natural. Moreover, there are really artificial and ridiculous big tits, looking like footballs implanted under the skin. They are rough and hard like some coconuts and the unaesthetic scars under the tits or around the nipples look really bad. If you were to compare Pamela Anderson with Paris Hilton boobs, which one have a more pleasant aspect? Of course, Pamela`s tits might make your imagination run crazy, but if you were to decide strictly upon the aesthetic aspect Paris Hilton boobs don`t have any scars or coconut aspect. They are simply beautiful because of their natural aspect.

Furthermore, because of this over pumped dimension of the tits, some girls having normal size breasts tend to think that their tits are not nice and savory enough and start to become frustrated with them, thinking that the plastic surgeries might make them get the so longed for big tits. It is always wisely not to exaggerate with the dimensions of the fake tits, since everything that is too exaggerated becomes disturbing and ugly.

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