Fun Team Building Events: Add to the compatibility quotient of your team members – Education

Fun Team Building Events: Add to the compatibility quotient of your team members - Education

For over 15 years, Team Achieve has provided fun and exciting opportunities for companies of all sizes to build and develop working relationships among their employees. Operating as a division of Corporate Learning Institute, Team Achieve designs customized training and team building activities. Under the guidance of Team Achieve, participants engage in challenging and exciting events, ranging from climbing through a tree top obstacle course to building and racing soap box cars. Each event is designed to encourage the development of trust, communication, fair play, and community throughout the organization. The goal of Team Achieve is to provide companies and employees with the opportunity and experience necessary their full potential.
Each custom event, offered through Team Achieve, is designed to encourage participants to take risks, trust one another, and challenge themselves, while having a once in a life time experience. Some of their programs include; building events, charity events, racing events, cooking events, training events, and outdoor events. Each event offers a range of activities, with the overall goal of creating networking and development opportunities for the participants.
While these programs are designed for the purpose of developing team work, the most importantly Team Achieve wants the participants to have fun. The Racing Event is a particularly popular event among the participants. The Racing Event consists of two activities designed to test a teama€™s ability to work as a unit to achieve their goal. The Drag Strip Challenge is the first event, which challenges teams to barter for necessary supplies to design, build, and race a model car against their fellow co-workers. Teams race their custom built model cars down a custom build 25 foot race track. The Soap Box Derby, is the second event, pushes each team one step further. Each team must now design, build, and race a full sized soap box car, driven by a member of their team. Teams are competing for one of the three awards, which are most creative, fastest, and most collaborative team.
The Outdoor Event is considered to be the most challenging of the events offered. This event is designed to force participants to build trust, communication, and teamwork. Participants must encourage one another to step outside their normal comfort zone in order to complete the two rope courses. The Team Low Ropes Course, has participants to work together to create a number of strategies necessary to complete each obstacle. The Expedition High Ropes Course gives participants the opportunity to complete a tree top obstacle course, 24 feet the groung. Teams must work together to navigate their way across the 700 foot canopy platform. The Outdoor Event offers a unique approach to developing team unity while providing an unforgettable experience.
Team Achieve believes that, a€?We have found that active participation ensures that communication, trust, collaboration, innovation, and team identity flourish.a€? For over 15 years, Team Achieve and The Corporate Learning Institute have stuck to this belief by providing a fun and unforgettable experience in the pursuit of developing teamwork and moral within an organization.

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