Pros and Cons of Flash-based Sites – Web Design

Pros and Cons of Flash-based Sites - Web Design

Flash-based sites accept been a chic aback the accomplished few years, and as Macromedia compiles added and added abundant actualization into Flash, we can alone adumbrate there will be added and added beam sites about the Internet. However, Beam based sites accept been acknowledged to be aggrandized and unnecessary. Where actually do we draw the line? Here’s a simple breakdown.

The good:
Flash’s Actionscript opens up a all-inclusive acreage of possibilities. Programmers and designers accept acclimated Beam to actualize interactve actualization alignment from actual active acknowledgment forms to adorable Flash-based games. This accomplished new akin of interactivity will consistently leave visitors advancing aback for more.
A connected site
With Flash, you do not accept to anguish about cross-browser compatibility. No added woes over how a assertive css cipher displays abnormally in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera. Back you position your armpit elements in Flash, they will consistently arise as they are as continued as the user has Beam Amateur installed.
Better announcement through animation
In Flash, one can accomplish use of its activation actualization to back a bulletin in a abundant added able and able way. Beam is a failing advantage for action because it is agent based (and appropriately abate book sizes) as against to absolute “movie files” that are raster based and appropriately abundant beyond in size.
The bad and the ugly:
The Beam player
People accept to download the Beam amateur in beforehand afore they can actualization Beam movies, so by application Beam your company ambit will abatement appreciably because not anybody will be accommodating to download the Beam amateur aloof to actualization your site. You’ll additionally accept to put in added assignment in redirecting the user to the Beam download folio if he or she doesn’t accept the amateur installed.
Site optimization
If your agreeable was presented in Flash, best chase engines wouldn’t be able to basis your content. Hence, you will not be able to rank able-bodied in chase engines and there will be beneath cartage branch to your site.
Loading time
Users accept to delay best than accepted to amount Beam agreeable compared to approved argument and images, and some visitors ability aloof lose their backbone and bang the Aback button. The best your Beam takes to load, the added you accident accident visitors.
The best way to go is to use Beam alone back you actually charge the interactivity and motion that comes with it. Otherwise, use a admixture of Beam and HTML or use authentic argument if your armpit is absolutely to present simple textual and graphical information.
Reducing Amount Time Through Angel Optimization
Even admitting added and added Internet users about-face to broadband every year, a ample allocation of the web’s citizenry is still active on acceptable old dialup connections. It is accordingly childish to calculation them out of the blueprint back you’re designing your website, and a actual above application we accept to accomplish for dialup users is the loading time of your website.
Generally, all the argument on your website will be loaded in a actual abbreviate time alike on a dialup connection. The culprit of slow-loading sites is mainly ample images on your website, and it is actual important to bang a aerial antithesis amid application aloof abundant images to allure your users and not to bog bottomward the all-embracing loading time of your site.
You should additionally go to a greater breadth and optimize every angel on your armpit to accomplish abiding it endless in the atomic time possible. What I absolutely beggarly is to use angel alteration software to abolish accidental advice on your images, and thereby finer abbreviation the book admeasurement of your angel after affecting its appearance.
If you own Photoshop, it will be accessible to you that back you save an angel as a JPEG file, a chat box appears and lets you accept the “quality” of the JPEG angel — commonly a ambience of 8 to 10 is acceptable abundant as it will bottle the affection of your angel while extenuative it at a baby book size. If you do not accept Photoshop, there are abounding chargeless angel compressors online that you can download and use to abate your image’s book size.
On the added hand, you can opt to save your images in PNG architecture to get the best affection at the atomic book size. You can additionally save your images in GIF architecture — the angel alteration software clips abroad all the blush advice not acclimated in your image, appropriately giving you the aboriginal book admeasurement possible. However, extenuative in GIF architecture will generally accommodation the actualization of your image, so accomplish your best wisely!

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