Maximizing The Battery Life On Laptops And Notebooks – Computers – Laptops

Maximizing The Battery Life On Laptops And Notebooks - Computers - Laptops

Maximizing The Battery Life On Laptops And Notebooks

One of the weaknesses of the laptop is the duration of their batteries. After a while, usually about 2 years, the battery suffers a downturn that makes the laptop almost finished making a computer fixed by relying solely on the power cable for operation. Moreover, the price of a new battery is expensive yet, so the solution is to try to increase this time of life as long as possible. To do this, we will give a few tips that will help us to this end:

It is important that every 2 or 3 weeks before recharging is done using the battery until it runs out completely. Not recommended in any case, since batteries lose life simply with the passage of time. If you must, at least save a load of around 40% in a cool dry place, never fully discharged. The operating system for notebooks and laptops have different profiles for energy consumption . The correct choice of these profiles will charge you more.
If not using WiFi, you have to turn it off . Keep on the WiFi network adapter that will constantly consume energy.

Whenever possible you should use your laptop or notebook connected to the outlet . From the moment the battery is charged, the laptop detects it and go on to use only electricity. This pulls down one of the myths that can be read in many ways, which says that when using a laptop or notebook plugged into the outlet, it is best to remove the battery to increase its life. It also eliminates one of the advantages of the laptop is to keep the information before the power drops.

Suspend the system is very convenient because you can return to previous state immediately. However, in this way the computer never shuts off completely, so it is still consuming some power. If you are not using the computer for a while, hibernate instead of suspend. For short breaks is better to suspend, for a lot of energy is spent reading the data written to disk. The monitor of the notebook is one of the devices that have the highest incidence in the duration of the battery. For that you must put the brightness at the lowest possible intensity.

Any component that does not require to be disconnected , including PCMCIA cards, USB devices like mice and keyboards and, of course, MP3 players connected via USB to recharge your battery. Logically, the greater the number of programs are running at a time, more work has the processor and for this reason, higher energy consumption. It is advisable to optimize applications that load when Windows starts , to have the least amount of programs running at the same time.

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