ACT! Hosting a€“ A Fully Robust CRM Solution – Computers – Software

ACT! Hosting a€“ A Fully Robust CRM Solution - Computers - Software

ACT! By Sage is a robust customer relationship management (CRM) software. ACT! CRM saves you much amount of time by providing fast, reliable, and efficient solution. This customer relationship management (CRM) software program automates key activities, takes customer communications to the next level, and unlocks a rich source of new leads.

You might have wished that you have someone working behind the scenes to make sure that you provide current and prospective customers with the service they expect. This wish can be fulfilled by using Smart Tasks, included in ACT! software. You can think of Smart Tasks like your personal assistant, sending emails for you and adding activities to your calendar automatically, based on directions you set out. Smart Tasks get the jobs done for you. You will notice fewer small items on your to do list, and your customers will enjoy consistent and responsive service. In the meanwhile, you can focus on the big sales opportunities and make sure prospects receive the personal attention required to close the deal. ACT! CRM software program has features teams need to succeed, including enhanced security, group dashboards and reports, and advanced administration.

ACT! hosting is very beneficial to those people who need to efficiently share relationship details. Even if your business is scattered in different places, hosted ACT! software gives you and your team access to a central database through the World Wide Web.

Benefits Of by ACT! Hosting Service

Small and medium size businesses get plenty of advantages by using hosted ACT! CRM(customer relationship management) software program. These advantages are as follows a€”

Ease Your Burden

ACT! hosting eliminates the need to install and configure the application on your local PC. No longer is an IT professional needed every time you upgrade your machine, hire a new employee or need to grant remote access to clients.

Redundant On and Off-Site Incremental Backups

Application hosting service vendor provides redundant on and off-site incremental backups in order to ensure your data is dually protected.

Accessibility – Multiple Users

Concurrent accessibility for multiple users to the hosted application is one of the prime benefits offered by cloud hosting technology. Authorized users can have access to the same file at the same time.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

With ACT! CRM software hosting, your hosted application and data are available from any Internet connected desktop computer or laptop, and even on your mobile device. The program looks and feels as if it is running on your local Personal Computer, but it is not. The software runs from the application hosting service providera€™s secure data center, and is constantly managed, backed up, and maintained by an always available staff of skilled engineers.


Cloud computing and application hosting service provider gives you full peace of mind you need to relax and focus on your business. With over ninety nine percent uptime and continuous data backups, you can be assured that your data is safe and accessible when and where you need it.

Free Support Service

There is no additional fee charged for technical support. Host provides 24/7 support via phone, email, helpdesk, and chat. It is assured that whenever a helping hand is required it is no more than a click or phone call away.


ACT! hosting service provider uses the highest level of security, comparable to military grade security, in order to protect your business critical data. An efficient cloud computing and Application Hosting service provider holds the high distinction of being SAS 70 TYPE II compliant. Your data is always kept safe through the use of high quality anti-virus software and firewalls.

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