Recycling Physical IT Hardware – Computers – Hardware

Recycling Physical IT Hardware - Computers - Hardware

Recycling IT products (hardware and physical equipment) is a good way of helping protect the environment and to recycle valuable resources. There are different ways of recycling old or obsolete IT products. Some retailers developed a partner program with computer manufacturers for recycling their products so you can inquire from your local retailer. Most of them offer a trade-in amount for the item you are dropping off to them or some money back rewards. You can also check online for recycling companies that will safely recycle your computer equipment and they will pick them up from you but of course for a fee.
Some computer hardware contain toxic and hazardous materials and by recycling these you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of harmful contaminants to be dispose of in the environment. Computers, printers, monitors and other IT equipment contain parts that can be recycled to produce new products so by recycling them you ensure that the hazardous materials present like lead are being prevented from ending up in landfills that could impact the environment you live in.
If your computer equipment is still usable then you may consider donating them rather than recycling it. There are local schools or non-profit organization that accepts donations of working computer equipments. Check on the brand of the item you wish to recycle and check with the computer hardware manufacturer if they have a recycling or trade-in program. Check online for these companies that have a recycling program available.
There are other reasons for recycling rather than dropping them off to your local dump. It helps save energy as it takes less energy to process recycled materials rather than processing new raw materials. It reduces waste products in landfills because many products are non-biodegradable so take a long time to decompose if at all. Recycling also saves energy and as a result decreases pollution. By saving energy in manufacturing companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions which is turn minimizes the emission of harmful gases.
Check on the internet for a list of recycling companies capable of recycling computers and other peripheral hardware. You can also call your local drop off recycling area as they will be in a position to give you a referral on how you can recycle these items, as each part of the country is governed by different rules on recycling IT hardware and you must follow the laws in your area.

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