Is a knowledge exchange jersey – Hobbies

Is a knowledge exchange jersey - Hobbies

One problem is that people care about, those are the players to exchange jerseys, what will be the fate of it. Unfortunately, the television cameras can not enter the locker room, we do not know, those players will return jersey how to dispose of. I also want to know. But think about it, other hand holding a sweat stained shirt, you might hurry to find a convenient bag to put it up, the locker room will not always be ready for you to take home? Your wife will want their home filled with other men’s clothes do. I think I should not think so. Oh ~ ~

There is a newspaper a few years ago the exchange of jerseys for those who are done a detailed survey, the results obtained: These jerseys are usually faced with two destinies, or the next day in an online auction EBAY network page, or to enter a city garbage truck, thrown to the treatment of black bottomless pool. Only a small fraction was carefully covered up, of course, these people have to pay the price is not small, they need to spend high price, the construction of a jersey museum, like the Juventus star e??? ?e’‚?-?a°? same. How? It is not very impressive ~

In addition to these special jerseys, most players will not throw his jersey in return for car and take it home, because that is too strong a flavor. Beckham to promote their products as a perfume, the last field to help his teammate Carlos: “David and I exchanged shirts, you know, that the above is simply too unique a flavor.” Who knows Brazil people in praise, or innuendo. But those Hanjin Jin’s shirt is not health, is indeed the consensus of most players. Football there is an unwritten rule, not immediately return a shirt to wear on the body, if you really need, should the anti-wear, because the shirt with full inside each other’s sweat. Some are dedicated players like David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, who return from other players that jersey, the only ride in his shoulders, or grasping in his hand, bare upper body ran into the lounge. You know they must be looking for trash.

Players is not without reason fear three years ago, scientists point out some of Australia: in football jerseys exchange, is likely to be infected with HIV, hepatitis B or some infectious diseases. “We hope that young players do not imitate this kind of action, even if he is a symbol of friendship.” Scientists have not played football, but some things prefer to believe them, not credible. Zidane and John Terry are back to the locker room after the exchange of jerseys to promote, and perhaps some rookie would think that these people are re-diva, but you have to know that they are considering for your body. First Madrid derby of the season, ending Houmaniqie looking for jersey Raul, Real Madrid captain told him, “I have this dirty, I went back to get parts clean to you”, the Portuguese moved to tears . There is little secret is that Raul gave Maniche’s jersey, is to pay the bill themselves, the European club game up to players to provide two uniforms, one he wears, a charity dedicated to auction, if the change gives you, they have to pay the bill. Therefore, those who can switch to the other side of the little devils new USA Jerseys Wholesale, or content with it.

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