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Paintball: All About The game  - Hobbies - Games

Paintball is one of the most well known sports all over the world. This adventurous game gives a lot of fun and excitement to its players. Played on the paintball field, this game is played with its most important equipment, the paintball gun.
A paintball gun, also known as the marker is the used to play the game. This gun uses an expanding gas, either carbon dioxide or any other compressed gas, to create the force through which the paintballs come out of the barrel.
The muzzle velocity, with which the paintball gun works, is almost three hundred feet per second. Sometimes the velocity may increase due to any fluctuation in the pressure of gas or due to any changes in the spring tension, but all this should be taken care of as high velocity hold a chance of damaging the commercial paintball fields. This is because when the paintball hits any object at a high speed, chances are that there may be some damage to the object. Such as a collision with a human skin may result in some bruises or any other injury.

The paintball gun come in wide variety, they may vary on the basis of size, design and color. There are ranges of sizes in the gun, being twelve, fourteen, sixteen, eighteen and twenty inches. Some of the companies also manufacture barrel of size up to forty eight inches and also as small as eight inches. But the disadvantage of the guns of these sizes is their accuracy rate being low. Hence ideally the size of barrel should be in the range of eight to fourteen inches.

The reason for the accuracy rate being low is because these longer barrels use more gas and hence if the quantity of gas may fall short the amount of required force may not be generated.

While purchasing a paintball gun, the buyer may feel that almost all of them may look the same but they vary in their features. Hence choosing the right one is not that easy a task. There are various considerations which are to be kept in mind while choosing the right gun. First of all the price of the gun has to be considered. Every buyer has a budget determined in mind and he or she should look for the gun which fits in the budget. Then the buyer should also test the gun before purchasing it and also take the reference of few people who have used these guns.

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