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About Poker and Poker Tables  - Hobbies - Games

Poker is a very exciting game and is played all over world. There exist plenty of variations of the game and are known by different names in different countries. Some of them are Texas holdem Five Card Stud, Omaha, Omaha hi, Seven Card Stud, Draw Poker, etc. In fact, the game has become so popular that there are various books and movies based on the game. You get tutorials about the game in hard copy and also on various websites.

The game is all about strategizing. Poker is a great way to make money. Most casinos have poker tables and if you are an expert in the game then you can easily double and even triple your money. But this is illegal in most places.

You can even play the game online. Various social networking websites allow you to network with your friends and play poker online. There are applications which can be downloaded from the internet into mobile phones. Several phones like the blackberry smart phones come with a pre-installed poker game. Several people are addicted to this game.

But of course, playing poker online or in your mobile is different from playing it on a poker table. The thrill and excitement is totally different. People play poker in casinos, in clubs, hotels and even in their homes. Several people have poker tables at their homes and on weekenda€™s friends and family get together and enjoy a game of poker.

There are a number of things that you need to keep in mind when buying your first poker table. Following are some important factors based on which you must make your choice:

What kind of poker do you play?
What should be the shape of the table?
How many people do you intend to accommodate in the game at a time?
Do you need any accessories on the table?
How do you intend to store the table? Do you want it to be permanent or temporary?

Another important thing that you need to look into is the poker chips. Authentic poker ships are made of clay. Good quality and well defined poker chips are essential for a good game of poker. Poker chips are available in various varieties in the market. Poker chips in a set are identical in shape and weight. The colors vary according to denomination. You get a full set of poker chips along with playing cards.

Good luck with your game!

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