Online Dating Tips On How To Overcome Language Barriers – Relationships – Dating

Online Dating Tips On How To Overcome Language Barriers - Relationships - Dating

Overcoming communication barriers that may hinder you and your date to get closer to each other and opening up is very important if you want your relationship to grow and last longer. Here are two communication barriers that may become factors in your relationship. Watch out for the tips that follow so that you will know what to do when a situation should arise presenting these barriers:

1. Non-verbal cues.

What you do is just as important as what you say. Thus, watch your non-verbal cues when communicating. What you are saying has to jive with what you are doing. For example, when you guys are chatting, and you say that you’re not doing anything else but chatting with them, but your reply is delayed because in reality, you are doing something else than just chatting with them. Chat is like real-time already. The delay in messaging happens because people need to read what the other has typed in first and then analyzing what was typed. This delay shouldn’t be too long. If it is, then of course, they would know that they were lied to and that you were doing something else. Phone conversations are more easy to track and observe your partner’s non-verbal clues.

Tips to overcome this barrier: Do what you say. Pay attention to your actions and not just your words because they count as much. Concentrate on the conversation as hard as you can. If you find that there are some distractions that need to be addressed, tell the truth and excuse yourself from the conversation first. Do not tune out your partner and just give cursory replies just because you’re doing something else and conversing with them.

2. Cultural differences and language barriers.

Cultural differences are present in the way people communicate with each other. Some cultures may have different dating habits and practices, so try to understand your partner if you have different cultures. Some may dictate them to be forward in the relationship, while others are more subdued and demure. Another difference that might create a communication barrier is language. Good thing though that most online daters speak English, though in varying degrees of fluency. The definition of some words and how they are understood can be a big problem also even if you speak the same language.

Tips to overcome this barrier: Understand the culture of your Italian Singles or your partner. Research on the culture because knowing is the first step to understanding. Understanding cultural differences and traditions can help you work out your relationship as a couple and work on your communication also. You also have to be patient in working out the language barrier. Don’t make your partner feel awkward or uncomfortable, but assure them that as long as you understand each other and can get the message across, then the both of you will do fine.

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