Mobile Phones for Parents – Mobile Phones with Software to give the Parent Complete Control – Technology – Cell Phones

Mobile Phones for Parents - Mobile Phones with Software to give the Parent Complete Control - Technology - Cell Phones

mobile Phones for Parents – mobile Phones with Software to give the Parent Complete Control. Looking for a cell phone that has control and/or spy software built in to monitor and control your kids smart phone?

If any cell phone company sold a smart phone with a parental control or spy app built in that would be a serious violation of the law. But what if I told you you can turn any smart phone, including your son or daughters, into the ultimate parental control cell phone in a matter of minutes?

This is a one of a kind smart phone software program that was created just for concerned parents like you. This smart phone control and monitoring app for your kids phone is called phonesheriff and it is the only smart phone app letting you both monitor AND control your kids cell phone usage.

At just under $50 for an entire year of unrestricted usage of this parent control and monitoring software if you know anything about cell phone spy related apps you know what a low price this is. Retina-X, makers of phonesheriff (and mobilespy) have been making computer and cell phone software since 1997.

Another feature of phonesheriff for monitoring you kids phone lots of parents love is the many different forms of tech support including submit a ticket, sending email to tech support, and even an 800 number you can call at any time Mon through Fri, nine AM to five PM Eastern Standard time (oh yea – that is United States based technical support).

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Some of the most popular phone monitoring and controlling features include the following items: Don’t want your kids talking with certain people? Block their numbers. Don’t want you son using the phone while driving? Disable his smart phone with a simple SMS command. You can also block your child from visiting certain web sites with their phones browser.

As far as monitoring your kids mobile phone usage you can see full details of every single call and text message they send and receive. Want to know where your son or daughter is immediately? Send a simple command to their smart phone.

The entire install of this smartphone parental control app is very quick and easy and takes about 5 minutes. If you have ever installed any sort of app to a cell phone then you are already familiar with the process and it will take less time. You then proceed to shut down and re start the cell phone to activate the control and monitoring app which will run in the background in total and complete stealth.

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