30th birthday gift ideas – Other

30th birthday gift ideas - Other

If you know someone who is about to turn thirty then you will probably be looking for a birthday gift idea with a difference as they take the next step on the road of life. Whilst plenty of people will tell you that it was their thirties when they really started to feel like a grown up, perhaps by getting married or starting a family, but there are also a lot of people who remain young at heart way past their twenties and like to think of their birthday as a time to celebrate that fact. Either way, we have the perfect experience to give them a great birthday treat and one which will suit them whether they are growing old disgracefully or taking their advancing years in their stride.

For those who have no intention of growing up no matter what age they are, there are plenty of wild and wacky experience days which you can them to make them feel young. Perhaps they are the kind to try something like segwaying which will see them riding around on a state of the art machine designed to track every movement of their body to keep them upright. Anyone who tries these fabulously fun scooters falls in love and they are so easy to use that even the most technologically challenged people can grasp the controls within minutes, leaving them free to enjoy the sensation of hovering above the ground.

Perhaps you are looking for birthday gift ideas for someone who has slightly more mature tastes and enjoys the finer things in life in which case you can treat them to a round of golf at a choice of courses across the country, or perhaps a vineyard tour and tasting to really give them a head start on enjoying their fourth decade.

Everyone has their own way of expressing their creativity, whether it’s an integral part of their lifestyle or something as simple as wearing a quirky tie to work. But there are those who enjoy getting a little crafty in their spare time, creating something unique and personal that they can treasure for ever as a reminder of their artistic achievements and abilities. Anyone looking for a birthday gift idea for someone who has hidden creative talents can find something to suit their skills in our range of experience days.

Maybe you have a friend with an artistic side who has yet to find the perfect medium through which to express themselves in which case pottery painting could be the perfect present. They can decorate an item of their choice in a style to suit them and they will have a personalised and practical piece of pottery to cherish forever. Or there are those who like to express themselves in a slightly less permanent way, and decorating cupcakes could give them an outlet for their art which is as tasty as it is beautiful and which everyone will want to enjoy with them.

Perhaps you know someone who is using their 30th birthday present as a chance to change their ways and get into shape, and you could help by giving them a health club day pass or a pamper day at a health spa to make them feel twenty nine again, so whoever you are buying for, we have the perfect 30th birthday gift idea for them.

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