Electric Motor: The Power of Electrical and Industrial Machines – Technology – Electronics

Electric Motor: The Power of Electrical and Industrial Machines - Technology - Electronics

A discovery of electric motor made by the Michael Faraday in 1830 has revolutionized our work process to a great extent. He while experimenting with magnets noticed that moving wire through magnetic field produce electric current that further led to the discovery of electric motors. The significance has made it the backbone of many electrical and industrial machines. It is a device generating electricity due to electromagnetism, in which electricity and magnets are used to produce motion. With the use of electricity produces a motoring or mechanical output. Thus, the motor is used to move objects that results in the functioning of the machines.

Types of Electric Motors

There are three types of electric motor available in the market that is categorized basically on the type of devices for which they are used.

Split Phase Motor – First is the split phase motor, which has a special start and run winding energized simultaneously at the time of start of the motor. Generally used for medium starting applications the motor are used for domestic and official appliances like fans, blowers, saws, drill presses. This type of motor is used in the devices when the complete load is applied only after the motor obtain is operating speed.

Capacitor Start Motor – Second type of electric motor is the capacitor start and is considered as the advance version of the split phase motor. This is known for providing more energy at the starting point and requires less energy to start. It is ideally used for heavy loads and is generally used for strong machinery like pumps, compressors, air conditioners, machine tools, conveyors, and blowers.

Horsepower Motor – Third type is the horsepower and RPM motor, which is usually used for vehicles and are commonly encountered in the motor industry.

Functioning of Electric Motor

To understand the functioning of electric motor it is vital to have some basic understanding about the magnets. Magnets, made up of two opposite poles North and South Pole, if find another magnet within the close vicinity tends to pull towards one another through their opposite poles. Using the same principle was discovered that comprises of few basic elements. Electromagnet or magnet is created with a coil of wires through which the electric current is passed to produce motion from the motor. Electric motor functions by converting electric energy into mechanical energy, which is carried out via the repulsion of the two magnets that further produces rotational motion from the motor. This further generates electricity, which efficiently runs certain machines.

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