The Reason Why The Yamaha VMAX Motorcycle Is The Best Muscle Bike On The Market – Autos – Cars

The Reason Why The Yamaha VMAX Motorcycle Is The Best Muscle Bike On The Market - Autos - Cars

Do you commit a lot of time racing motorcycles or do you just want to hit the road on a fast cycle? The Yamaha VMAX, or Velocitus Maximus for short, first came on the market in 1985 and is considered to be one of the fastest motorcycles around. This isn’t a motorcycle for beginners, but for those who are skilled, and wanting speed and excitement when riding their motorcycle. It is a more substantial bike, that has remained a best seller, and its name VMAX is synonymous with speed.

The V-Boost, which can easily increase the power to 800 RMP, is its most incredible feature. Butterfly valves isolate the row of four down shaft carburetors which supply the cylinders. Several other hot rod styles of bikes simply cannot offer the same horsepower of the V-Boost. Also, the V-Boost supplies seamless acceleration very quickly. The original VMAX had a V4 1200 CC engine, 145 HP, and V-Boost and was solely available in the United States. Yamaha presented a 104 HP slower make to European and French outlet in 1986. The V-Boost element was not supplied on these types of European bikes. In 1990 the design was improved a little by having digital electronic ignition, and also that year, this motorcycle was first brought to Japan.

As they were implementing tighter restrictions on noise in Europe changes had to be made to the European model. So in 1996 there was a switch to a black exhaust system by Yamaha, which actually wasn’t very well received by bike owners, consequently the chrome design was back in 1998. But not all bike riders prefer the power of the VMAX, the many members of the VMAX Owners Association are very satisfied with their bikes. Motorcycle rallies and races are often sponsored by the Association for their members. This bike is also used in drag racing due to the great edge the competitors enjoy with the VMAX. A few major competitions have witnessed modified VMAX bikes achieve speeds in excess of 200 MPH in a quarter mile.

Since it was unveiled in 1985 the Yamaha VMAX has become a hot selling motorcycle. The bike carries a potent design, with the black and chrome color giving it a muscular look. For many people this lack of originality is the only downside. Many have solved this by incorporating their own individual touches to make their bike unique. These people have accessorized their particular bikes with a selection of mirrors, decals, and other special effects. Many riders have also swapped the factory supplied seat for a more comfortable one. These things are simple to do, because the power of the bike is the principal appeal.

The Yamaha VMAX has been the top muscle bike worldwide for over 20 years. Although definitely not a bike for a beginner, it has regularly been a top choice in appearance and performance.

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