The Best Steam Cleaner and the Truth about Heavy Degreasing – Home – Home Repair

The Best Steam Cleaner and the Truth about Heavy Degreasing - Home - Home Repair

It may seem like the best steam cleaner can tackle almost any cleaning task in commercial and industrial areas. After all, these machines combine high cleaning efficiency and eco-friendliness to handle some of the toughest jobs across a range of industries. From removing black mold from grout to spot cleaning car interiors, it may appear that steam cleaning units can accomplish just about any cleaning task. It’s important to remember that steam cleaners do have their own limits. For instance, they cannot be used on surfaces sensitive to high heat. They also lack the sustained cleaning power needed for large cleaning tasks. It is important to be aware of these limitations prior to testing them out for different cleaning jobs.

Steam Cleaning and Degreasing

Many people have tried to use their best steam cleaner to remove heavy industrial grease. This is a task which often calls for some of the harshest chemical cleaning agents available on the market. Even these cleaning products are not always successful in removing heavy grease from different surfaces. The truth is that the most effective steam cleaning units can’t help with heavy degreasing either. To better understand this, we need to understand the nature of heavy grease and how it clings to different surfaces. Heavy grease is much thicker than ordinary grease. Because it is often used for lubricating rugged machinery, this substance clings well to the surface, covering it completely in such a way so that makes it difficult to remove.

This is precisely why the best steam cleaner cannot be used for degreasing. Steam cleaning units may offer focused cleaning power that softens and melts away deposits, but they lack the water pressure needed to lift and remove substances. Heavy grease removal requires both softening the grease and forceful water pressure levels that will work to wash away the deposit completely. Conventional steam cleaners aren’t the best choice for heavy degreasing, but steam pressure washing machines are a much more effective.

Steam and Pressure

The best steam cleaner to use for heavy grease removal combines the better of two very powerful kinds of cleaning machines. Like vapor steam cleaner and floor steam cleaners, steam pressure washing machines use wet steam to soften and blast away stubborn stains and deposits. These units use the power of superheated water to soften heavy grease, making it much easier to wash away. Even very old grease deposits and mixed debris sediments can be removed easily. Unlike ordinary steam cleaning machines, however, these steam pressure washers also employ optimum pressure levels that forcibly lift and wash away the grease.

Vapor steamers and floor steam cleaner machines are often used to remove deposits that can be manually wiped up or vacuumed with relative ease. Heavy grease cannot be removed in this manner, even if it is softened. This is because it still clings to the surface, making it difficult to remove completely. Steam pressure washing machines offer optimum water pressure levels that easily wash away the grease deposit. Like steam cleaning machines, these units can accomplish this and a number of other cleaning jobs without relying on harsh chemicals in any way. While the best steam cleaner has its uses in many other areas, steam pressure washers are the machines to use when it comes to heavy degreasing.

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