Banana Hangers Can Be an Important Styling Asset to Your Kitchen – Home

Banana Hangers Can Be an Important Styling Asset to Your Kitchen - Home

Wood banana hangers are among the most prevalent in the banana hanger market. These wonderful and versatile accessories offer a unique charm and look to your space through the various finishes and materials in which they are manufactured.

As mentioned, wood continues to be the most dominant material for smaller accessories throughout the home; it is no different with banana holders. As such, there are a variety of different styles and designs that offer unique looks and levels of functionality exclusive to the wood that the product is manufactured in. From versatile oak, environmentally friendly bamboo, to inexpensive particle wood; there are many options to choose from.


Wood banana holders are for the most part manufactured securely and can function well for a number of years. However, depending on the type of wood, as well as the price of the product itself, there can be issues that arise in some wood models in terms of durability and longevity.

The most common problem to be aware of comes from the hook. Unlike metal holders, wood holders have a hook that is not part of the initial structure. As such, many of these hooks are simply screwed into the end of the arm of the banana holder. As a result, there is less strength in some of these hooks can they can give out after a short time depending on the product itself.

Aside from problems that can arise from the hooks, wood banana hangers tend to be inexpensive, and the body of the product itself is usually very durable and non susceptible to the occasional damp conditions of the kitchen.

Wood Banana Hangers – Popular Styles

There are a few different styles of wood banana hangers that are extremely popular. These styles depend more so on the material than anything due to the fact that the finish on specific wood offers a unique look for the entire product.

<em>Bamboo </em>

Bamboo hangers offer a number of different attributes that consumers generally find appealing; the first and most obvious being the fact that bamboo is an Eco-friendly material. Aside from that fact, bamboo also offers a very sleek and clean finish that melds well into many modern themed kitchens.

<em>Hardwood With Various Finishes</em>

This type of wood is the most common among wood banana hangers. Generally the wood is grown in a cultivated plantation setting ensuring it is Eco-friendly. Asparagus likes cold, moist conditions and can last for as long as 2 weeks if kept in these conditions.

– Avocados – Whole avocados will keep well in your refrigerator for about 3-4 days. If you wish to ripen avocados, place them inside a paper bag and fold the opening over. Remember that as soon as you cut into an avocado, oxidation will begin. If you wish to lengthen the life of a cut avocado, leave the pit in as long as possible, and sprinkle lemon or lime juice on the cut flesh.

– Bananas – Bananas should never be stored in the refrigerator, as it will cause their skin to darken. (This oxidation process is harmless but looks unappealing.) Bananas are best kept at room temperature. Handle them with care to prevent bruising, or use a banana hanger, which helps to de-accelerate ripening.

– Berries – Berries are best kept in the fridge, but in the warmest area of your fridge. Keep them as dry as possible in a covered container.

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