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Garden decoration with a small fountain - Home - Gardening

Make of your garden interesting and beautiful site that has captured the hearts of all its neighbors, it is possible without the help of designers. It does not require much effort and money, but is a lot of positive moments. It is clear what the usual flowerbeds and lawns are nothing new and we need to do something really memorable. I propose to make a small fountain, and make it yourself.

There are many types of fountains, they differ in shape, size, power, materials, etc. The first thing we need to do is choose the style of the future of the fountain. The only restriction in choosing the style and size of the fountain – our forces, while others are practically no limits. I repeat – the main thing is to choose a style, for instance if you want a rustic style, the fountain can be done in a mill, if the fountain of natural style, you’d better make a fountain made of stone.

After this crucial step you should consider where it will be a fountain, because it requires a reservoir like a pond. The dimensions of the reservoir also depend on you, but I want to warn you that if you dig a small reservoir, you have to frequently change the water and the fountain will be weak. So in your interest dig a pond considerable size and align the pit wall, then cover with a special skin and fill with water.

Pump – the heart of the fountain, so the next step in doing exactly that choice. The power of creation depends on the location of the “heart” such a weak suit pump submerged in the water, but for a strong and energetic masterpiece pump must be on the surface. In choosing a pump for the fountain principle of “expensive mean good” is not working right for you and the most common and cheapest pump. Well, as to place the pump in this fountain, I’ve already told on my website.

The main part of fountain construction is over. Now we are waiting for much more creative and interesting way – decorating. Think about your chosen style and draw a fountain in line with its wishes.

In the pond, you can run a fish and seaweed. The reservoir can impose a wild rock. Around the fountain you can plant flowers. Do not set limits to your imagination! All of the ideas now can be done at the fountain.

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