Calling on Your Spirit Guides – Spirituality – Metaphysical

Calling on Your Spirit Guides  - Spirituality - Metaphysical

Calling on Your Spirit Guides
Telepathists believe that all human beings have guides who have been with them since birth. These guides watch over us and are always ready to offer help and advice whenever called upon in difficult situations.
How to contact your guides
Spirit guides sometimes are people who have lived here on earth with us and have had a real life experience. These guides live in the subtle world, and have devoted themselves to helping people learn how to get in touch with them. They are helpful in all aspects of life, health, careers relationships and spirituality.
Spirit guides are good friends that help in all aspects of your life journey. However, you have to allow yourself time to be well acquainted with your guide through meditation and with time you will learn how to listen to them and understand their voice. Connecting with your guide will help you get more knowledgeable and inspired and the guide will help you with insights that you could never know through common knowledge.
Steps to calling on your guides
Begin by going to a quiet place where other people will not distract you. Close your eyes and breathe in and out. Begin relaxing to release all the tension in the body and maintain focus on your breathing and relaxing. After a few minutes of breathing deeply, start visualizing a protective bubble of bright light surrounding you to protect you. This will help you attract positive energy and help you repel the negative energies that may be around you while you are meditating.
At this point, you are now ready to meet your guide. Be aware of the area between your eye brows; this area is often called the third eye. It is the mental space where you see your spiritual guide or receive visual images from them. The next task will be to invite the spirit guides to get closer so that the two of you can convene. As you are focusing on your third eye areas, you will see the face of your spirit guide or have the sensation of a short or tall person standing right next to you.
If you do not see or feel the spirit guides around you then appeal to them to get closer so that the two of you can communicate. At this point, you might hear the guide speaking to you or just feel the presence of a stranger in the room. On making this initial contact, get to know your guide better by asking them who they are.
While talking to the guide, be relaxed and wait for the guide to speak or make their thoughts made known to you. You can begin a conversation in your mind with the guide and let it flow as they communicate. Probe your spirit guides on things that you should be aware of and listen to their response. After you have finished socializing with the guide, thank them for making an appearance and speaking with you. This is just the beginning and there will be many more opportunities to talk to your spirit guides.

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