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Psychic Skills - Spirituality - Metaphysical

Psychic skills
Telepathy is one of the psychic skills used in explaining how feelings and thoughts pass on through extra sensory channels. It also explains what is happening when we instinctively feel or know things through intuition. For example, when the doorbell rings and you can almost tell who is at the door, or the link between twins.
Psychic skills link to the theory of collective unconsciousness, the archetypal energy that played a large part in synchronicity. All human beings are telepathic naturally, however most of us are ignorant of that fact and unless another person brings out the potential in us then we will never get to exploit our psychic skills to the fullest.
Psychic skills for animals and the law of attraction
Rupert Sheldrake who is a scientist has researched extensively on many stories of pets that have psychic skills and are able to take up the intentions and thoughts of their owners. For example, a dog or cat may hide when it suspects that they have to go out of the house and it is not interested, while on the other hand, pets and animals flee looming danger. Some cats and dogs fled the Japan tsunami before it hit ground.
Telepathy allows us to know that we are constantly communicating with other people and our pets. The thoughts sent out give vibrations that eventually shape our lives. This is why it is critical to keep our thoughts consistent and affirm what we say and stick to our words.
Telepathy is important because it shows that we are in constant communication all the time a€” and not just with other people or animals. The thoughts we send out emit vibrations that shape our very lives. Telepathy is what makes the Law of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering work. That is why it is so important to get your thoughts in line, and why affirmations will not work if you are saying one thing and opposing their effects by thinking the total opposite deep within you.
Improve your psychic skills
Keeping a hunch journal or intuition diary is helpful in delving deeper into the things we intuitively pick up every day. Many times, we can guess who is calling before we answer the phone. However, developing telepathic skills is a little different from other psychic skills because telepathy is already presently active in your life.
You can begin by first understanding that all people are routinely sharing thoughts and start sending out your thoughts that are parallel to the desires of your heart. Sometimes, love thoughts look like desperation, hence, you should avoid focusing on the things you perceive to be the failure or lack of love.
Ensure that the thoughts you send out actually reflect the things you desire. For example, when you are attending a job interview imagine that you are the best candidate for the job. When you are having issues with a friend or colleagues, imagine them to be the best ever. Practicing medication daily is a good place to begin developing your psychic skills and eventually helping others with the skills acquired.

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