Values and Principles of Gita – Spirituality – Religion

Values and Principles of Gita - Spirituality - Religion

The Gita is considered the core of the Hindu religion by several scholars. The godly revelations should actually be given this appreciation and respect as they lead humans towards the correct way of living their lives on earth. Gita contains many illustrations which communicate the complicated message in a manner that is clear to every layman.

The philosophy of life conveyed in Gita points in direction leading to Moksha by following the virtuous responsibilities that every human being must follow. The need for doing onea€™s karma was taught to prince Arjuna by Lord Krishna in the war of Kurkshetra. These messages to lead a peaceful and enriched life are compiled as Gita. All Hindus across the world consider this religious text to be sacred and read them repeatedly.

The Gita is a part of the classical story of Mahabharata that forms the best location for this priceless scripture. People have faith that Shri Krishna, a Hindu Deity had divulged this wisdom about the obligatory duties of all humans for the benefit of Arjun, his dedicated companion. The kingdom belonging to Arjun and his siblings had been wrongfully taken away from them by their villainous cousins and Krishna had conveyed this holy message found in Gita to make Arjun strong enough for bravely fighting against his blood relations.

The message of the Gita is timeless and is relevant to all aspects of life and explains the karma doctrine of becoming one with the Almighty. It directs all human beings to staunchly follow their moral obligations with their entire spirit and being.

While doing this, the man must not be bothered about the various outcomes of what he does. That is the only way of being composed at time of hardship and of not getting affected when flooded with excess of things. The firm devotion to his obligations will direct him on the road leading to holy spirit.

The Gita has practically sound guidance regarding the method of living that ensure that the person feels contentment and peace. If the person follows the message in Gita, then he will face all good as well as sad situations without any change or disturbance.

Just as it brought Arjuna out of his anguish of having stand up against his own relatives, the Gita is a lifeline to numerous people across the world, lifting them out of the worldly traps of despair, envy, resentment and grief.

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