How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation – Spirituality – Meditation

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation - Spirituality - Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is about opening yourself up to what is here in this moment. You become aware of what is here without trying to change it in any way.

It is best to try mindfulness meditation first with your eyes closed so that you do not get distracted by anything outwardly happening.

Now with your eyes closed, simply relax into this moment. Allow everything to happen as it is happening. Allow breathing to happen exactly as it wants to happen. Allow the emotions to be as they are. Allow yourself to feel whatever sensations happen to present themselves. And even allow the thoughts to arise and fall all on their own.

Mindfulness meditation is the opposite of concentration; it is allowing everything to be as it is, while remaining the witness as much as possible. You are letting go of control. You are letting go of analysis

To the best of your ability, try not to get caught up in your thinking. Just notice that thinking is happening. The content of the thoughts is not important. Just leave it as noticing thoughts happening. Allow the thoughts to come and go in the same way you can watch cars drive past you on the road; they come and go all on their own, while you remain watching.

In mindfulness meditation, you are not even thinking the thoughts, you see thoughts are happening. You do not need to be involved whatsoever, thoughts simply arise and disappear.

Yes, you will get caught up in your thinking. But when you do, just notice that you did and come back to allowing and watching the thinking. It is not a forceful concentrated action, rather it is a letting go of the thinking, letting go of your involvement with your thinking.

The key in mindfulness meditation is relaxation, letting go, allowing and observing. In this way, thoughts can slow down by themselves and then you rest more and more into that which is here beyond the thinking, beyond the emotions and even beyond the physical body.

You relax into the sensation of simply being. Not being a something, because that is just more thinking, but rather the feeling of being alive in this moment, the sensation of existing in this moment beyond name and form.

Beyond your thinking in this moment, there is a feeling that you exist, a feeling that existence is happening. And the nature of this feeling is unconditional peace. The very essence of what you are in this moment is peace.

You do not need to seek out this feeling of being, it is what is left when you let go of the thinking.

So it is just about relaxing into this moment, allowing everything to be as it is and watching, witnessing, without control and without concentration.

Because you are so used to being involved with your thinking, mindfulness meditation can be a bit hard at first. The eastern secret to making meditation easy is to sit with one who has already mastered deep states of meditation. Simply by sitting in the presence of a fully enlightened meditation teacher, you naturally awaken into deep mindful meditation and bliss.

This same a€?enlightened presencea€? that you receive from sitting with an enlightened meditation teacher can also be received by listening to some very unique meditation music. Simply by listening to the music, you effortlessly and naturally enter into deep states of meditation and peace.

Have a listen to some free samples of this music by clicking on the a€?Shakti Meditation Musica€? link below.

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