Something You Can Feel Good About Your Kids Watching – Art

Something You Can Feel Good About Your Kids Watching - Art

There is no doubt that children today are watching more and more television. It is common for kids to watch multiple hours of TV on a daily basis. This is a scary thought when you consider the content on TV shows, even those made for your kids. There is now something you can feel good about putting on the TV. Living Scriptures are animated Bible stories that your kids will like. Not only are they enjoyable, but they teach scriptural doctrine in a familiar setting.

You will see an improvement after only a week of cutting out some of the TV shows in your home and replacing them with Living Scriptures Bible story videos. They will start to recognize and learn people and stories from the scriptures just from watching the videos. Hero classics like Nephi, Alma and Helaman will become familiar role models in your home. These products aim to help your kids know Book of Mormon stories by heart. Animated stories are the most convenient and fun way to teach the scriptures to small children.

Living Scriptures first started out as an LDS book industry company by Jared Brown and Seldon Young almost 40 years ago. The books grew to Visit Isreal CDs and eventually to the fun Bible story videos we have today. The products have always come with a guarantee of the highest quality. The videos can be purchased from any local Deseret Book stores or from sales people that sell door to door now for your convenience and to maximize profits. The Mormon VHS business has slowly been growing more and more popular and is now widely known, even outside of Utah. Their business model has never changed- To Teach Values And Change Lives.

These animated stories are fun and educational and bring a different spirit to your home. Prophets hero classics become common topics of discussion around the dinner table and powerful examples can be learned from the scriptures. Living Scriptures aren’t just a product, they are entertainment, teaching tools and a way to bond as a family. These Bible story videos have been mentioned on an accredited movie forum and receive high user ratings each year. The Living Scriptures are guaranteed to please you and your kids.

The results of Living Scriptures being a part of your kids’ weekly routine will be easy to observe. Have you ever wondered how some children in Sunday School know all the answers and are familiar with the stories in the scriptures? Chances are they watch the Living Scriptures animated videos. They bring the scriptures to life in a fun and easy to understand way that allow your kids to learn the names and events in the scriptures. Hero classics will quickly be recognized along with what they did. You will be amazed by how much your kids will know about the scriptures that they didn’t before.

To get these great products in your home all you need to do is visit a Deseret Book location or contact The Living Scriptures for a request to send sales people to your home for purchase. This Mormon product can greatly improve your kids’ knowledge of the scriptures and help them to understand the stories read during your family’s study of the scriptures.


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