Growing Importance of Original Content in Google Search Rankings – Marketing – Web Marketing

Growing Importance of Original Content in Google Search Rankings - Marketing - Web Marketing

A spokesperson from Godot media, a well-known content solutions firm asserted that, a€?The changes in Googlea€™s search engine algorithm are expected to greatly affect the whole of online content and internet industry. The algorithm change will hopefully push down the a€?spama€™ websites in results and push up the more deserving good quality content websitesa€?. The existing search engine rankings of sites are expected to be significantly affected by the changes in Googlea€™s search algorithm.

Although changes were made last year, the Google team felt the need for additional changes to successfully tackle duplicate content. To prevent spam and duplicate content from ranking high in the search results, additional changes were made in late January this year.

Google makes use of an algorithm for ranking websites and to offer the most relevant results to web users. In this algorithm, more than 200 varied factors, including keyword usage and link popularity, are considered. One of the most important criteria for determining search rank of a webpage is unique content.

To make sure that web users get the most relevant content, Google is constantly improving its search algorithm to tackle spam more effectively. Godot Media representative said that the main aim behind the recent changes in Googlea€™s search algorithm was to reward the sites that offer unique content and penalize those offering duplicate content. According to Matt Cutts, the voice of Google search algorithm updates, the main reason for the two big changes made in the search algorithm in 2010 were content farms and sites containing spam.

All these developments indicate the increasing importance of useful and unique content for search marketers and website owners. Several tips were offered by Godot representative to help search marketers to make use of these changes for better SEO.

Some useful suggestions for website owners:

Invest resources into generation of content which is unique and useful to your readers for your readers is the best way to promote your website or business. Stuffing content with too many keywords is not a good web content strategy anymore. The keywords must not look forced in the content and an optimum density needs to be maintained. It is extremely tough to get away with any content duplication as Googlea€™s search algorithm has become efficient at catching this. If your website contains any form of duplication like direct quotations or definitions, it is advisable to have these rewritten. It would be a good idea to carry out a review of all your website content to make sure that it is up-to-date and relevant.

Tweaks in Googlea€™s search algorithm have increased the importance of unique content manifolds. You can achieve the top search rank for your website by offering unique and fresh content. As the Godot spokesperson puts it, a€?Focusing on the needs of your readers is much more important than obsessing over your search result ranksa€?. The ultimate purpose of a search engine is to offer the most relevant content to users, so by concentrating on providing quality content to your readers, you are sure to improve your search rank.

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