House Pest Battles Waged By Homeowners On The East Coast – Family

House Pest Battles Waged By Homeowners On The East Coast - Family

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, you know that spring and summer bring an onslaught of pests. Even if you live in the southern region where the temperature is moderate most of the year, the extra heat of summer brings droves of pests. Everywhere you look there will be crawling and flying creatures, some of which can cause harm to you or your pets. If you live on the East Coast or you are thinking about moving to the East Coast, it is important to know what to expect. There are ways to treat your yard and home that will repel pests. You also need to know what to do once you are under attack. Exterminators can help you, but you need to know what to look for in order to identify the problem. If you understand the types of pests that are frequent visitors in your region, it will be easier to fix the problem with either professional help or on your own. Stink bugs are one of the most annoying pests seen on the East Coast. A tiny stink bug provides enough stink, released to defend itself when frightened, to make an entire room smell bad. Though not dangerous, this type of pest is a nuisance and homeowners want it out of their homes as soon as possible.

Most homeowners on the East Coast living outside of urban area have battled at least one wasp or hornets nest in their lifetime. Occasionally, they even take up residence in urban areas and you will see a nest hanging from a concrete overhand or beneath an apartment balcony. Though some bees have a tendency to lead their lives with little human contact, hornets and wasps are aggressive little devils and they will attack if you are in what they consider their area. Eliminating the problem requires destroying the nest, which can be a dangerous job.

Ants are a problem in many regions, but in the warmer weather climates of the East Coast, they descend on homes like soldiers in an army. One wayward crumb from a piece of jelly toast and you have a collection of ants large enough to create your own colony in your kitchen. Ants are not dangerous, but they travel in packs and seeing one any often means there are thousands of others nearby.

Mosquitoes like damp, warm areas and they serve little purpose aside from preying on humans and animals for their blood. The best way to avoid mosquitoes is to keep the exterior areas of your home free of stagnant water. However, mosquitoes will still hang out, especially if you have trees and bushes in your yard. Spray the area with mosquito eliminating spray a few times a year. This kills the living pests, as well as those that have yet to hatch. Remember mosquitoes carry diseases like Lyme disease, so do all you can to avoid getting bit. If you have a problem, spray yourself with mosquito repellent before spending time outdoors. You can also plant herbs such as lemon balm to repel the mosquitoes naturally.

Finally, termites might be a problem for you if you live on the East Coast. Certain regions with warmer weather find there are problems because the termites are able to feed year-round because there is never a cold snap to kill them off. It is important to have your home checked for termites; just to be sure you do not have a problem.

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