What Periods Of History Do Kids Most Enjoy Learning About? – Family – Parenting

What Periods Of History Do Kids Most Enjoy Learning About? - Family - Parenting

Teaching children is a joy for both parents and teachers. Being able to have a major influence on the development of many tiny brains is incredibly rewarding. Just the thought that something you teach this little person will stay with them for the rest of their life is a great feeling.

One of the most enjoyable things to teach children about is history. Every child should learn about different aspects of history as it is a good way of helping them to put their lives in context and to help them understand more about themselves as individuals.

So what periods of history like to learn about the most?

World Wars

Surprisingly the World Wars are particularly good for children to learn about as many of them will have older relatives that lived through parts of them. Also, there are so many cultural references to it that it can be nice for them to be able to put them all into context.

Trips to France and to Germany are great ways to learn about this subject as they can see the remains of the past evils in the world and how they have been overcome and how many people died in order to make the world a better place to live in now.


The Romans had such a huge influence on the world that learning about them will be of great interest to children in the UK. Not only this, their society was full of fascinating buildings like the Coliseum in Rome, and incredible stories like that of Julius Caesar.

Kids can dress up as Romans and wear togas and learn about democracy and what the birth and death of a society is like by studying books or perhaps even visiting Rome.

Wild West

Chances are that the children will have seen a Western before. This is a good introduction to their interest in the Wild West of the US and the story of how America was discovered and the history of how it came to be as it is now. There are tons of books available on this subject from factual to pop up books as well as lot of great quality discount books available through some online stores.

Dressing up as cowboys and Indians is a fun way to learn about the Wild West, which can then progress on to learning about the US founding fathers, Thanksgiving and modern US society and culture. The US is such a major influence on many parts of life in the UK now that learning about it will only ever come in handy as children grow up.

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