Why Story Books Are Better Than Kids Films For Your Child – Family – Parenting

Why Story Books Are Better Than Kids Films For Your Child - Family - Parenting

As a parent, chances are you want what is best for your child and would happily pull the moon from the sky if it made your baby smile. But what if what makes your little one happy is rotting their brain or even pushing them down a slippery slope towards becoming a helpless consumer, mesmerised by the pretty colours and multimillion pound marketing campaigns of big film franchises.

We are of course talking about kida€™s films and their influence on children.

At the end of the day their major goal is to get you and your familya€™s bums in cinema seats and money in the studios pocket. They intentionally target your childa€™s interests and then direct the adverts towards them like a catapult at a tiny helpless bird. Plus they then try to sell you a great deal of merchandise related to the movie and then a year later bring out another similar film and try and do it all over again.

Kida€™s films are enjoyable though. Studios such as Pixar have made some really enjoyable films that are truly Oscar-worthy but at the end of the day they are not the best thing for helping the development of your childa€™s brain or for helping them discover their own interests.

Go for the Books!

Books on the other hand are absolutely ideal for your child:

A trip to the cinema can easily cost over A?50 a time once you have factored in popcorn, 3D glasses and super-sized drinks. Borrowing from a library on the other hand is free.

Films last about an hour and a half. A book can keep your child enthralled, amused and involved for a week or two, depending on how often they read or you read to them.

Childrens books encourage them to read, learn new words, push their brain in all the right places and promote good habits. Films are tailored to provide an hour or so of often quite mindless entertainment that offers the least amount of resistance for the brain and subconsciously sells your child film merchandise and products. A good quality puzzle book on the other hand can really help to stimulate brain development.

A Good Does of Moderation

At the end of the day, films arena€™t evil; they just arena€™t the best thing to help your child to learn. Films are OK as a treat but if you find that you are leaving them in front of a film they have seen a dozen times instead of encouraging them to read you may need to think about a change of parenting tactics.

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