Parental Anxiety and How to Deal With It – Family – Parenting

Parental Anxiety and How to Deal With It - Family - Parenting

All parents want is the opportunity to provide their kids with the best start in life. They want them to be happy and healthy and to grow up into anything but a mass murderer, drug dealer or politician. Parents can read a thousand books on the subject save up lots of money to ensure their cherub gets into a suitable school and become child psychologists through a distance learning program, but they cana€™t do everything or prepare for everything.

There is a common anxiety that exists in parents of all ages which is inescapable. The worry that you arena€™t parenting properly or as best as you could be. This feeling is usually quite natural as there is no guide book for parenting (well there is but not one that has all the answers) and when babies arrive, new parents in particular can feel a bit overwhelmed with responsibility.

Ignore the Magazines and the Television

What doesna€™t help for new parents is the unrealistic image the media paints of parents. There are some more realistic shows like a€?Teenage Mumsa€™ and a€?Supernannya€™ for example that give better examples, but unfortunately the majority still show celebrity mothers with perfectly flat stomachs and a half dozen pristine smiling children with straight a€?Aa€™ airs about them.

Celebrities normally have a great deal more assistance than they let on: nannies, personal trainers, assistants and nutritionists whose jobs it is to make it look as if the celebrity is a perfect parent and generally super human being. Ignore them and you will feel less anxious.

Develop Routines

One of the absolute best pieces of advice for any parent is to build routines. Not too strict but tight enough that your child has an element of control in their lives. Bed times in particular go much more smoothly when you have a routine. When you and your child get in tune with the routines, your anxiety will reduce as you feel more in control. Bedtime can become something more fun with a range of books for children that they will enjoy and will nod off too. Cookery books are also a great idea during the day time as your children can enjoy cooking with you and ita€™s a very therapeutic way to spend time together.

Ask For Help

Never be afraid to ask for help from friends, family and your local authority. There is no worse way to deal with stress and anxiety than to keep it to yourself. You need to know that there is always someone who can take your child for a few hours or who can give you a loan of some cash. There are so many other people in your position that there are already things in place that you can use to help you reduce your stress.

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