Seven Common Methods People Will Use To Spy On Their Spouse – Family

Seven Common Methods People Will Use To Spy On Their Spouse - Family

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In almost every relationship you’ll have one partner that is suspicious of the other partner and will stoop to snooping. If you think your spouse is spying on you then you’ll need to take a look at these most common methods people use to spy on their partners.

1. Credit Card and Cell Phone Bills:

Spouses will snoop on each other by methodically going over the credit card bills, cell phone bills and carefully scrutinize ever phone call and every financial transaction looking for signs of cheating.

2. Telephone Tape Recording:

It’s very simple to buy a voice activate digital tape recorder from any electronics store. Some can record up to 24 hours. You can leave one behind in a car or room or attach to a telephone to record all the conversations.

3. Computer Key Loggers:

It’s very simple these days to download key logging software to record every keystroke typed onto a computer keyboard. This information is compiled and emailed to the snooping spouse up to 10 times a day. Some key loggers can be installed remotely via email.

4. Online Infidelity Investigation:

This is where a suspicious spouse will take their partners email address and trace it back to secret personal ads on online dating services.This type of investigation can be expanded to include porn sites, escort service sites and even Internet gambling sites.

5. Computer Hard Drive Forensics:

Often a snooper will turn over the family hard drive to recover deleted emails, browser history and deleted pics. In some cases years worth of incriminating deleted data can be recovered from a computer hard drive.

6. Cell Phone Forensics:

This is where you take a cell phone and recover deleted texts messages, pics, call logs and other data from a cellular phone.On some model phones like the iPhone you can recover up to two years worth of location tracking information. Today this is considered to be the best resource for any investigator investigating infidelity.

7 Asset Search Investigation:

Many times an asset search investigation can discover hidden funds, secret bank accounts and even vehicles or real estate that a spouse is completely unaware of. This is a sure sign of infidelity or a pending divorce.

If you believe your spouse is spying on you, you might want to contact a private investigator that specialized in counter surveillance and hacked computer investigations. many times they can discover evidence of computer hacking, key logging or unlawful wiretapping.

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