Help! Dog Separation Anxiety is Getting Worst – Family – Pets

Help! Dog Separation Anxiety is Getting Worst  - Family - Pets

Dog separation anxiety is probably the most hurtful truth in the canine world. Unfortunately, it the second most common reason why some dogs are given up by their masters and eventually ended up in a shelter.
Imagine the scenario of you (dog-owner) leaving the house, and your canine starts to experience mental and emotional anguish, making him suffers with miseries. An estimated 10% of all puppies and older canines are going through this emotional distress, and it is not a good sign of a healthy mind and body.
If you have established a solid foundation relationship with your dogs, that is good news. However, if your dog overly developed that kind of feelings towards you (dog-owner), then he will become too dependent on you, to a point of developing a separation issues and problems.
Understanding Dog Separation Anxiety
Emotional sufferings can happen in any breed, at any point of his life. Dogs generally hate to be left alone, simply because they are pack animals. The level or intensity can vary, and your dog expression of mental and emotional anguish can be very disappointing. It can even result to the dog ownera€™s to loose hope and end up giving their dogs in shelters. Frustration sets in both ways, leaving unimaginable decision, some even opted for euthanasia (for worst cases).
Some of the Reasons of Dog Separation Anxiety are:
a€? Dogs love to be with someone around, they are pack animals, and they see you (dog-owner) as their pack leader. Feeling of helplessness and powerlessness over power their emotions, they think they are unable to survive without their pack.
a€? Sudden change in daily routines can trigger their separation anxiety. For example, the dog-owner spends times in the house with him 24/7, simply because he is not busy yet, but when he started to go out again and became very engaged and occupied, the dog will not take it in a positive manner.
a€? Ideally, separation of the mother and puppies should be 8 to 9 weeks. If your dog was taken from its mother ahead of ideal acceptable schedule, it may develop some behavioral problems.
a€? Shelter Dogs a€” they are commonly not alone. They are used to other caninesa€™ present. If the dog spent too much of his life in a shelter, the more likely parting anxiety will develop.
a€? It is believed that a specific breed is more prevalent to these problems. According to study, weimaraners and shepherds are more likely to develop disconnecting issues than a pug.

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