Portable Air Conditioning – Let It Travel With You – Family

Portable Air Conditioning - Let It Travel With You - Family

Not too long ago, while living in a home with baseboard heating and no air conditioning, with just a huge ceiling fan to pull air in through the windows of the home during 100 degree days, I stumbled across a relatively new wrinkle for cooling at least a room or two in the house; portable air conditioning. Not being able to afford the installation of very specialized cooling methods for our type of home, and because we did not have a forced air furnace for hooking-up less expensive central air units, we had to look for another solution. Not able to afford a window unit for each primary room either, learning to just deal with the heat with some additional small fans seemed like it was our best and only affordable option.

With many other people in the same boat, manufactures have applied current technology and design & production techniques into making what can only be declared a Godsend for those that have been living in older buildings that have not been updated with central air. The introduction and availability of portable air conditioning is now a very viable solution for those that cannot get the job done entirely with window units. You know the type of building that we’re referring to here, the long narrow apartment that has maybe one window or two in the whole place with remote rooms that seem miles away from any cool air. Thankfully there is an answer to this problem today, and it’s portable!

With the unique ability to be transferred from room to room, there is no need to have a sleepless night because you just can’t get comfortable enough to sleep because it’s too hot and stuffy. Pull your portable air conditioner into the room, plug it in, turn it on, and go to bed knowing that in a few minutes you will be able to sleep comfortably. For those on a tight budget, with hot, sweaty, and cranky kids trying to sleep in the next room, one can always use a floor fan to pull some of the cool air out of your room to share with them in theirs. Perhaps this is not the perfect solution, but it is a viable and affordable solution nonetheless.

Getting through the hot summer months on a tight budget without air conditioning to help cool down hot tempers can be a real challenge. At prices competitive with window air conditioning units, a portable air conditioning unit might be just the solution for you. With one of the drawbacks being that they are a little noisier than other units because they are positioned right in the room with you, on the plus side they will not ruin the view from your window like a window unit will. If you are confronted with an “impossible situation” like an old apartment or a home with baseboard heating, there are options available for providing relief on those very hot summer days!

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