Crucial components of Google Maps Optimization – Search Engines

Crucial components of Google Maps Optimization - Search Engines

If you are looking for answers on Google Maps optimization then you are most likely to receive various answers if you happen to seek answer from various SEO companies or executives. So, what are the crucial Google Maps optimization factors? The factors of Google maps optimization differ from situation to situation. The answer is highly dependable on your location, the industry, they keywords, and other related points. Contrary to what people believe, local Google maps optimization is difficult than perceived. Let us examine few components which matter the most in Google Maps optimization for your business.
a€? If you are looking to rank for keywords which are related to a specific city, you should be located in that city. You cana€™t rank high for something which is not your address. Suppose, your address is, a€?Illinois Real Estate Agenta€?, if it shows otherwise on Google then ita€™s gonna affect your rankings. You gotta rank high once you are there at the mentioned address on the Google

a€? Another important component is to have your business or other related things perfectly categorized. In fact, it is more important than to have the right keyword for your business. If you are into real estate business but somehow you fall into the category of bakery then it is gonna affect your business in the long run. So, categorize your business carefully.

a€? You are advised to modify your listings as part of your business name to rank higher. In fact, the agents who have modified their listings to say a€?real estatea€? as part of their business name are doing very well these days. But there are a ton of businesses that legitimately have a keyword in their business name.

a€? Google relies on citations and the more you will have validation via citations the more trust Google will show in local maps results. Hence, this is considered to be one of the most important aspects of the business.

a€? Profile completion is important too. It is important to provide information like hours, payment options, a well-written and complete business description, and especially adding photos and videos to your listing. Google is directing more users to Place Pages, so ita€™s logical that pages with a lot of good information would rank higher.

a€? Your business data needs to be consistent always if you are looking for high ranks. You business, your address, you phone all of them has to be consistent for better rankings.

a€? Google gets more confidence from positive reviews and rating to recommend a local business. Google extracts reviews about local businesses and shows the sentiment analysis right on Place Pages.

a€? Proximity to location plays a significant role in bringing good ranks to your business. In fact, proximity to city center is much less important than proximity to the location being searched. The city center factor seems to be decreasing in importance.

a€? You must have noticed the bottom of a Place Page. This is typically in the form of people using Google a€?My Mapsa€? tool to create their own maps and add important locations/businesses to those maps. This is becoming important signal in part thanks to what seems to be more people using My Maps. But there are other forms of user content, too, such as geotagged photos of a business.

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