E-Mail the Right People – Search Engines – SE Optimization

E-Mail the Right People - Search Engines - SE Optimization

So how do you gain permission from recipients? Here a few guidelines in that regard:

a€? You can send e-mail to current customers. Most people consider anyone who has purchased from a Professional Web Design Company within the last two years to be a a€?currenta€? customer.

a€? You can send e-mail to people who request information from you, either in person or online. Keep in mind that you can send them e-mail about relevant topics only. In other words, if someone responds to a job posting on a companya€™s web site but isna€™t hired, you cana€™t start sending him marketing e-mail abut your products.

This means you cana€™t harvest e-mail addresses off e-mail forwards, or those found on the internet. Just because I post my e-mail address on my personal web site, that doesna€™t mean I want to receive marketing e-mail from any business that visits my web site.
While it might be tempting to send mass e-mails to strangers, in the hopes that one might become a new customer, it is much more effective t target people who have already expressed an interest in your business or product.

Always Provide a Way to Opt Out
After youa€™ve decided to create and send HTML e-mail, you need to keep a few things in mind to make sure your beautiful creations dona€™t break the law.
Federal guidelines further require that you to keep such unsubscribe methods available for at least 30 days after e-mails are sent. After receiving an unsubscribe request, companies have 10 days to stop sending the recipient e-mail.

Adhere To Other FTC Rules
To avoid your e-mail being considered spam, you must also use legitimate headers and subject lines. In other words, you cana€™t send an e-mail with a subject of a€?free delivery on your next ordera€? unless the offer is valid and indeed available to recipients. The from and reply-to e-mail addresses must also be active. The sendera€™s business name and physical mailing address must also be visible in the e-mail.

Identify the necessary tools for the task
You can type HTML code in just about any text editor, but in order to be viewed by a web browser, it must be saved with a certain file extension (such as .html or .htm). Similarity, you can type HTML code into an e-mail, but it will just look like a bunch of code unless you send it through the proper channel.

Send Live Phoenix Web Design Pages with a Personal E-Mail Account

As I mentioned, an HTML e-mail is really just a web page. Have you ever wanted to e-mail a web page to someone? How you do this depends on your e-mail software. If you have applea€™s safari browser, you simply navigate to this page you want to send and choose File | Mail Contents Of This Page. Next, this page will display in an e-mail in Mac mail. Dimply address it and send it off!

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