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the background of the European style magic. The elves, dark elves, dwarves, orcs these are obviously not his all the Korean culture. Don’t know that the production company is seen or understand these western culture, but to my mind even know is limited, understand the shallow, “heaven is 2” of the character is obviously have Asia, precise say should is Japan’s style, a male are powder head niche, a different women tan chest Lou milk, all is better than apple still large round eyes plus exaggerated devil figure. To this, I have no language. I only feel that this is the culture of others a don’t respect, since you want to use other people’s culture to the background, then please respect other people’s culture, this is a kind of blasphemy. This is the black of sven has frequently happens to us, but we didn’t realize it. Not long ago have animated film “journey to the west”, there are dozens of set, is our Chinese taken by you, threw a make the heavenly palace of the Monkey King old, soaked in foreign “advanced”, after the sun painted. A after hundreds of years of classical model test so suddenly change one’s identity, the producer really thought oneself than those ancient Chinese much? I don’t think so. Also those in western culture have how much of a century of shiny image said to change to, really thinks he’s the ability? Or the real Chinese when really like the childish, cute? Since the United States open beta server on after that, a topic for discussion in China has been hot, players who come back from the United States there say their quality is high, should learn from others. And there came out and said that this is not part of the problem of quality and lists the those highly educated people in the game is the same a kill, swearing.

Apart from the quality of the Chinese players than American players will be whether the problem of low, but there is a reality is stand before us, Europe and the United States, especially in northern Europe, they do in normal human morality is far higher than the us to. I think this is the kingdom, and had once studied, been to those places people can do for me the proof. There, people can not do any supervision into the park, they can buy tickets to consciously. On the bus, they won’t mutual push-pull, will automatically maintenance after the custom of the first. In many U.S. big in we will also often see, when the star was walking alone on the rough road, a warm-hearted man active parking asking if need a ride. When I see these, I always want to, if the same is happening in China, you took the initiative to thumb a ride, others waved will free give you a ride? The us servers players mouth americans how to helpful, no object reward…… These in our great ancestors not have early? And why they would think this is a great things? So surprised? Chinese culture lost a ring, but in the west, feel ashamed, and what to see after the fathers?

Topic CheYuan, or back to the widely anticipated “world of warcraft”!
all together, and I recently renovated, will be very satisfied after reading to ensure it is in the bustling city the first choice for white-collar work. Purely personal house, interested, contact! Intermediate disturbance!Clothbound repairs + golden area first contact blizzard’s work is in my neighbor’s, see that the all over the sky ice wind ball, gnarled threshold, luxuriant will kill the enemy, I once attracted to the game. When I learned that the game called diablo after, I blizzard experience start……

From diablo to starcraft, from the reign of chaos to the frozen throne, with all blizzard games in the plot is impeccable. Tassadr mother in order to save Auir, driving the aircraft carrier to the Overmind roaring head in that moment, I feel his spirit of death; When we learned that tried to use his own body seal of the hero for Diablo Diablo finally after all, for the control of); We also saw the light had faith prince Arthas degenerate into the Lich King; instead, they rebelled against all he once loved things. I have always been complaining about fate, no, is for the blizzard cruel hero, but the tragedy often have more powerful, it makes Fenix, Kerrigian Illidan and Thrall, the image more vivid. I once thought that WOW as a network game, the story will be sent a lot, the fact proved me wrong.

I first came to of is beautiful clothes, and to a foreign country to play WOW accustomed, but how much in my English foundation, solve mission and daily group wasn’t a problem. Immediately after the frozen throne story, the world is undergoing the new change, as a night elf, I was surprised to find that now is not the Furion Stormrage power but a a bit hysterical chief druid-he believed in expansionism, this violated the night elf consistent style. At the same time our months priestess Tyrande WhisperWind is using her strength and out of the night elf, maintenance of traditional since ancient times. Starting from the teda hill, and all the way through greatly small fight, finally came to the Darkshore. There I met a late for his lover, he asked wretched man that I kill her lover’s cursed quarrels with his soul, so I did, and his lover farewell to his last during YouRan dialogue I. “How can I find the strength to live in your world that makes.” For the Eternal Love as the task is really the title of the best. At the same time, the sky falling hell fire, fire devoured all, the world is about to be destroyed (North America in closed beta I had just finished the task just end. = = and may the lovers in the world of eternal can meet again…

And then in is the resurrection of, I am still a night elf, the lovers still live far apart, but I have to a more hold lots of world wide set out… From stormwind woman learned that she lost a son of hate and the storm convection thief surface calm down upheaval of the city; To know Windshear Venture Co. To what extent the environmental damage (in contaminated water fishing fishing out in only the mechanical parts); Dun Modr to participate in the civil war, blow dwarf evil black iron clan (originally dwarf also have different clan); In Ironforge see homeless gnome and help them back what they deserve…… After so much then I discovered that I have been integrated into the world, fully integrated into the role, and every day, and then a tour of the auction house in, of all RACES to risk is already friends daily fun-the game into life, I think this should be a blizzard of the expectations of, is also used as a network game of the greatest success. In the day of though short, but has a memorable. Although played many online before, but no one can like world of warcraft that leave me so deep impression.

Leave the WOW has for a few months, but I can not miss the world of WOW, in the hope that it will soon come to China, and let more players can access to this kind of good gamesell,
I am a common in Terran infantry soldiers, the lowest grade. I don’t know when was born, was born there. My ambition is to be a knight, that kind of ride, armed with pikes Damascus argued the things.

This campaign don’t know how long that people forget why at the beginning of the war, people only know, with long ears of the elves are Allies, and the wince orcs and body smelly undead enemies, is met kill.

I followed forces played a lot of campaign, because afraid to die, in battlefield is only know flee for life, no contributions, occasionally also has a chance, but life is little little fighting the play more intense……

Hero says the enemy is very severe, is almost all action, and we also want to do your best, not a reduced territory. The hero, I call it the protective like to do.

Is ` ` we infantry ` torturous like to their deaths expected, the nature is rush in front, when the meat pad. A hero in behind a call, I was the behind of person to squeeze the out. We ran ah rushed over there. The enemy there is a lot of the axe, and some yellow teeth, the body does not have flesh and bones of “”, a thief ugly thief ugly, nausea ` ` ` ` people more and more closer to the ` ` `

The orcs is fierce ` ` we three infantry also dozen however, I the rusting iron jian cut him seemed to have no feeling, can I also tube is not that much. What’s the matter, just cut ` ` ` head aches ` ` ` ` blare ` ` ` I didn’t die ah, ha’s deadly, didn’t hang.

I remember we just chop down dead a orc, behind will come out a big beetle, great big ` ` ` also can call the little beetle, the little beetle is very good to beat, a knight. Next to me to see big beetle rang rang with us after the infantry to cut down a big beetle, there is a lot of thorn, upon the beetle how dozen ah ` ` ` we really hesitate? See big beetle waved his hand, for a lot of jumped out below the thorn, we are all flying ` ` ` good high. And then ` high ` ` ah ` ` ` I really benzene ah ` ` `

A voice ` o ` ` in front of a bone is eating, body also wound, blood stream is like this, it’s like pig ` ` ` dies still eat for a moment, his body. Not the hurt to heal, blood streaming not ` ` I just see him to eat what ` ` ` is the knight corpse ah. I threw up ` ` `

That thing here to hear a voice, he ran to come over, I touched my sword, can? ` ` ` sword finished, this time dead ` ` `

I’m waiting for dead yet, heard the sound of a voice, and bones of the arrow rotten voice, I opened my eyes, and ` ` ` that thing is dead. I turn head a see, is a elf archers. Ha ha ha, help! ` but she seems benefactor also injured, killed that things would fall. I give her with the physical agents, is me worthy of a very precious,. She also slowly up.

When the alliance and horde troops are dead. Suddenly I feel all over him, as if full of power. The general’s horses and weapons rob over. On a flying horse with a long spear to the leaders of the enemy at the time. Soon, they rushed to be tribal leader pulled down. He got was hurt, I the style is leaving dagger grandpa died took out the leaders and the chest thrust. I was also cut down a few knife tribal leader. By the time of the tribal leaders fall, I also nearly dead. Also the Allies of the army I save go. When the union army friends all death ray, orc tribes army were to us. We track for several four back to base to escape. (the general and I, elf, and an army friend) a army friend hold me run.

No way, we don’t know where is the base, but not run, the spinning is dead than see, still perhaps can find the base. ` mountains ` ` mountains ` ` `

Here is where ` o ` ` very desolate, even trees have withered, and foul odours ` ` ` elves said here is the base ` ` ` undead who was about to escape, I see in them a white tiger base. Elves after looking abnormal excited, said that their hero, sure enough, the mount of white tiger and there was a woman, is also long ears. See elves expression seems to be to save her.

Unfortunately, my prediction are confirmed, such as the dark elves said, he is stealth to save hero, see beautiful elf to die of course I won’t agree. But she note to decide, not to the ` ` I do not ` anyway have to do ` ` ` or a boy?

It got dark, put on the cloak. Look at elf general picked up a stone, toward a FeiTou fat make throw things in the past, that thing is sleeping, be the general firm waking up, and shouted. It is a call, not die the entire base are waking up, and have a lot of spider crawled out from underground, mama ah ` ` and there is also a ` the feet of the robed GuTouJiaZi, mouth vomit a air conditioning, or floating in the sky, must be a hero. Run! ` ` ` don’t run will be dead.

Cold ah ` ` ` I how so cold ah, just like a tip Fried in my body, fry of my mouth. I have vomiting blood dying ` ` ` really dying ` ` `

Blare ` ` behind many ` riding horses to our Allies to ` ` ` at this next we can be saved ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` soon put orc tribes destroyed ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` ` put the hero save the out. ` ` ` we have victory ` ` ` ` `

` a thing, ran through my body, in my eyes opened a blood flowers, that’s a sword.

I will dead? It started shooting star, a lot of a lot under the meteor, flying over the old people say. Dead heaven would be to comfort, the meteors flying over the one thousand years shooting star memorial on the war dead. I rest in peace ` ` `

I became a ghost body good light, light all fly up, ` ` ` I see my body from heaven, to be frozen hair


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